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What questions should I ask at the end of an interview (for jobseekers)?

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What questions should I ask at the end of an interview in Audit, Accounts, and Outsourcing (for jobseekers)?

Commonly Asked Questions of Recruiters is a video series by Jonathan Cohen that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts and, Outsourcing space.

In this episode, what should be asked at the end of an Audit, Accounts, and Outsourcing interview.

Check out the video below or scroll down to read the transcript.​


'Hi, welcome back to series two of commonly asked questions with me, Jonathan Cohen, where we'll tackle your answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked as recruiters.

Thank you so much also for all of your comments so far and all of the questions that you've sent in, it's given us brilliant content to be able to deliver for you today.

So, the next question I'm going to answer is what questions should I ask at the end of an interview?

And actually, we're going to look at this from a job seeker's perspective, but I'll also answer it in the next episode from an employer's perspective.

So, if you're a job seeker, I always think the three key areas to focus on, and you can ask any questions in these fields, but always keep it around either the company itself, the individual or individuals that are interviewing you, or, what does the role entail?

How will you make a success of it? If you answer or ask questions, rather, in all three of those key areas, it will demonstrate that you're really thinking about joining the company and how it is that you are going to do a good job for them.

Those are the key things that I would answer, all things like that, not necessarily things that would immediately benefit you, like holiday and salary and all those bits and pieces.

So, try and keep it around the individual, the company, and the role itself.'

Feel free to contact Jonathan Cohen directly to have a discussion! Also, click here to see our latest jobs in Audit & Assurance.

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