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What questions should I ask at the end of an interview (for Employers)?

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What questions should I ask at the end of an interview in Audit, Accounts, and Outsourcing (for Employers)?

Commonly Asked Questions of Recruiters is a video series by Jonathan Cohen that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts, and, Outsourcing space.

In this episode, what should be asked at the end of an Audit, Accounts, and Outsourcing interview.

Check out the video below or scroll down to read the transcript.​


'Hi, thanks for joining us again for commonly asked questions. In the last episode, I tackled what questions should we be asking at the end of the interview if you are a job seeker?

This time, actually, some advice for all of the employers out there and I think this is a really interesting topic and dynamic because candidates will often feel like they are interrogated at interviews.

And I think the last sort of impression I would try and leave at the end of an interview is as conversational as possible and really try and get down and sort of dig down into the human that you're actually interviewing with rather than just the experience they've got and what they can bring.

So, try and keep it as human as possible and as nice and warm and friendly as you possibly can at the end. So, things like what do you do outside of work and try and find some of those common grounds.

I know that sounds really obvious and taken for granted, but you will be surprised how many people come out of an interview and feel like they've been interrogated.

Rather than having a conversation with someone who could one day be their boss. So, that would be my advice. Keep it nice and conversational.

Nice and light, and really understand the human towards the end of that meeting. Thanks very much.'

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