What's the market like for jobseekers?

What is the Accounts, Audit and Tax market like from a jobseeker's perspective?

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What is the job market like in Public Practice (from a jobseeker's perspective)?

Commonly Asked Questions is a video series that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts and Outsourcing space.

In this episode, Jonny and Gideon answer the common question of 'what's like market like?'

Check out the video below, or scroll down to read the transcript!


​Jonathan - Hi. Welcome to episode one of Commonly Asked Questions, where we'll give you an insight and some of our answers into some of the questions we are most commonly asked as recruiters, and we'll answer this from both a job seeker's perspective and an employer's perspective.

First question we get most commonly asked is; 'what is the market like?'

Well, from a job seeker's perspective, I totally understand the question. It makes perfect sense. You want to know what the market is doing before you think about job seeking.

But I can tell you this that regardless of the market )and I've worked in some difficult times) if you're good enough, there will always be opportunities for you. So it all comes down to your skills and your experience and how much you back yourself.

Gideon - Do bear in mind, however, that there are times throughout the year where it may be slightly quieter. January tax return season, maybe August summer holidays. But as Jonathan said, if you are good and you've got a good CV, the market will always be buoyant. Tune in soon for episode number two, where we speak about things from the employer's perspective!'

​So, the good news is that if you work in Audit, Tax, Accounts or Outsourcing in Practice, you will always be in high demand!

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