Should my CV be 2 pages long?

Should my CV only be two pages long?

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How long does my CV need to be?

Commonly Asked Questions of Recruiters is a video series that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts and Outsourcing space.

In this episode, Jonny and Gideon discuss their answer to the common question of how long should a CV be? Is 2 pages the maximum length?

Check out the video below or scroll down to read the transcript!


Gideon - Welcome to episode three of commonly asked questions. Should my CV only be two pages? What do you think?

Jonathan - I totally understand the question. I think it makes perfect sense. But my advice has always been has always been this.

Don't worry about the length of your CV.

Put all of the information down, put all of your skills, all of your experience, provide as much detail as you possibly can and send it to us. We can take a look at it. We see CVs all day long and we're happy to tell you what should we think should stay in and what we think should come out.

What doesn't need repeating? What does need repeating? But I think the length for the CV is is fairly arbitrary to be honest with you.

Naturally you don't want it too long, but I wouldn't get hung up on 2 pages. I don't think that's necessary. Give it to us, we'll happily guide you.

That's a completely free service. So yeah, I don't think the 2 pages thing really makes a difference these days.

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