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How can I negotiate myself a pay rise? | CAQ S2. Ep. 3

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​How can I negotiate myself a pay rise?

Commonly Asked Questions of Recruiters is a video series by Jonathan Cohen that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts, and, Outsourcing space.

In this episode, Jonathan Cohen answered, 'How can I negotiate myself a pay rise?'

Check out the video below or scroll down to read the transcript.​


'Hi, welcome back to commonly asked questions. Question this time round is Something we get asked, again, all of the time. And yeah, it can be a difficult subject to approach depending on your relationship with the manager. But you would hope that your relationship with your manager is good enough to be able to have a sensible conversation.

But asking for a pay rise is not a straightforward and simple process. You have to clue yourself up. Okay, so yes, we post our salary guides that I mentioned before and feel free to review those. But don't just take our word for it.

Shop around, have a look at jobs that are available in the market and actually see whether or not the job that you are doing is similar to other jobs being advertised and what that salary is. But look, we're recruiters, we get asked this all the time.

Please come and talk to us and we can give you this advice and also some insight into actually how you do it. But the most important thing is clue yourself up.

Just asking for it because you think you deserve it is not good enough. Clue yourself up and do your research. That's a sensible way to go about it. Thanks very much.'

Feel free to contact Jonathan Cohen directly to have a discussion! Also, click here to see our latest jobs in Audit& Assurance.

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