3 top tips for standing out in today's BD & Marketing jobs market

3 top tips for standing out in today's BD & Marketing jobs market

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The BD and Marketing jobs market is tougher than it was this time last year, so here are my three top tips to stand out in today's market.

1. Tailor your CV

It's really important to tailor your CV to every role you apply for. You will have a main version as a template, but make sure that you adapt this for each role you apply for, highlighting the relevant experience and also the impact that you've made in your previous roles.

2. Follow up

Most people simply send in their CV and wait for a response. But in a market that has grown ever nervous of counteroffers, dropouts and non starters, it's important to show your commitment and enthusiasm to a process.

So be proactive, follow up on your application with the relevant contact to check in and push your application up to the top of that inbox. It will also help you stand out from all the other applicants who simply pressed sent, sat back and waited.

3. Use a recruiter

Of course, you can apply to firms directly, but by working with a specialist recruiter like me, you'll have the advantage of gaining access to the best jobs on the market.

Not only that, a good recruiter will help you with interview preparation, give you insider top tips about how to impress the hiring managers and firms, and you'll also gain access to our network.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today. If you're searching for a BD and Marketing role, I would love to support you in any way I can.

Visit my profile to learn more about me and to see my current roles in BD & Marketing!

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