5 things you should do in December to be successful in the new year

5 things you should do in December to be successful in the new year

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With the holiday season upon us, many of us will have plenty of big goals we want to accomplish next year.

However, with the Christmas festivities now in full swing, most people will decide to wait until the New Year to start working on their goals. 

But with half of the office reveling in Christmas festivities, mentally checked out from their job never mind their career goals, December is the perfect time to get ahead of everyone else and set yourself up for a successful 2016.

Here’s how:

1. Think about what you have achieved in the past year

Note down your key successes, what did you actually achieve in 2015? Think through those things that didn’t go your way and analyse why that was, carry out a full audit of the last 12 months. 

Now update your CV. Even if you decide not to look for a new job right away, doing this simple task every year will ensure you keep track of your achievements for future job searches.

2. Set yourself clear goals for the next 12 months

Where do you want to be this time next year? What kind of job do you want to be doing?
If you’re happy in your current job, how can you be more effective? What further responsibilities would you like to take on? 

Make your goals specific, think about what activities you’d like to be doing on a day to day basis, even how much money you’d like to earn. Doing so will give you clear objectives to work towards.

3. Talk to your boss

Not at the Christmas party, no manager likes a team member sidling up to them half cut at the office festivities asking for a raise. But December can be the time to better understand what your role will be in the next year. 

Many companies will be in the throes of business planning for the next 12 months so this is the ideal time to see where you fit in to that plan. Make your goals clear, talk about the bigger picture and ensure your team leader knows where you want to be. 

4. Network

December is an ideal time to meet other people, whether they be colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends, recruiters or other professionals in your field. 

Do your due diligence and find out what is going on in your market. What is currently out there in terms of job opportunities? What does the job market look like? Ask your friends or ex-colleagues about where they work and what’s happening in their company, especially if you work in the same profession or sector. 

5. Interview

Think about it, with everyone else checked out for Christmas and those last few annual leave days remaining, surely December is the perfect time to get a few coffee meetings or even interviews in the diary?

Interviews at this time of year can be more relaxed affairs but also can be very speedy processes given that many companies want their hiring complete by Christmas. 

Furthermore, at this time of year there aren’t that many people actively looking for a new job so your competition is minimized and you’re more likely to stand a better chance of landing your ideal role. 

If you would just like a fresh start and a new perspective to boot, there is no harm in considering your options and discussing your situation with a specialist recruiter whose sole aim is to get you the best possible career opportunity based on your skillset and preferences. 

The New Year is time for change and a time for a new beginning. Therefore, if you want to land a new job in January, it is December when you need to be putting the work in to have the best opportunity to make your move and start your new job as early as possible in the New Year.

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