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Unmasking ED&I in legal business services

​Equality, diversity and inclusion is top of the agenda for many law firms this year. With firms ...

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​How to support your employees' mental wellbeing during tough times

The world is a tough place right now. With the news filled with conflict and the cost of living c...

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Female leaders are facing ageism throughout their entire careers

For working women their everyday experiences are littered with challenges. Pregnancy, motherhood,...

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​Top tips for managing stress and anxiety in recruitment

When you think of recruitment, you think of long hours, high workloads and stress. Well that’s th...

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Fabulous or forgotten at 50?

When 50-year-olds are depicted in the media, the odds are they’ll have grey hair, they’ll be dres...

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Mental Health Awareness Week at Ambition

Mental Health Awareness Week at Ambition

Last week Ambition took part in the Mental Health Awareness week, which focused on this year's th...

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Should we stop asking about salary history?

​“How much is your current salary?”It’s a question we’ve all been asked. Many of us have asked it...

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How can firms make networking events more inclusive?

​When you think of networking and recruitment in the same sentence, chances are your mind conjure...

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​How to support your employees who are observing Ramadan

Being a supportive employer goes beyond offering free tea and coffee. It’s about taking an intere...

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How can professional services firms really support their female leaders?

Supporting female leaders makes sense. Firms with female leaders see higher profits, a more dive...

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We need more female leaders in recruitment - Nicky Acuna Ocana

Why I am passionate about encouraging more women to take on senior leadership roles in recruitment

International Women’s Day has given me the opportunity to focus on what leaders in recruitment ar...

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20200306 Blog Up Close With Nicky Acuna Ocana

Up Close with Nicky Acuna Ocana

Happy International Women’s Day to all the fabulous women out there! We’d like to take this oppor...

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