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The Importance of Email Etiquette

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With the explosion of the internet, new apps are always being introduced as communication channels, however emailing still champs as the sufficient method to professionally connect – whether this is internally or externally.

With an emphasis of importance on the immediacy of communication, often people can become lazy and sloppy when connecting via email; is this the first impression you want to give?

In my experience as a recruiter, it is essential to ensure your email etiquette is up to scratch. Below are some tips to help you keep on top of the emailing game.

Be clear and concise

What is the reason for your email? It is quite easy to write long-winded emails, but remember the point of the email. (Keep it simple).

Putting the topic of the email in the title is essential in order for the recipient to capture its importance.

Dmitri Leonov the Vice President at email management service SANEBOX stated that “50% of emails are read through a mobile phone” - this stresses the importance of being clear and concise.

Review for ambiguity and clarity is key! Always proofread your emails to ensure the language maintains professionalism and relevance. (Try to read emails out loud, or ask a friend)

Informal language in emails

In this day and age, when writing in short-hand and colloquial language through text and social media is our preferred method, remember you are writing a formal email to a professional - first impressions really do count. 

Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Officer for the website CareerBuilder tells UK Business insider “too much informality will make you look unprofessional”

Emailing is a more official medium of communication and styling your emails accordingly will make them look professional (try to avoid using SMS language). Changing "Hey" to "Hi" or "Cheers" to "Regards" sets the tone appropriately.

Changing your email signature as you see fit

There is a general consensus that using the mobile signature that reads “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my Android” is unprofessional. Leaving this signature in your emails can indicate carelessness and a lack of attention to detail.

Here is a step by step way to disable or remove the mobile signature for an iPhone:

     1. Tap on the “Settings” app

     2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

     3. Scroll down and then tap on “Signature”

     4. Tap “Clear”, or just select all the text and delete it manually

Here is a step by step way to disable or remove the mobile signature for an Android:

     1. Next, from the Settings menu, click on to the 'Accounts & Sync' tab

     2. Scroll down till you have reached the 'Manage Accounts' tab

     3. Click the 'MSN Account' option

     4. Hit the 'Remove Account' tab

Including a courteous greeting and closing

The feel of the entire email should reflect your relationship with the recipient. It is recommended to include “Hi” or “Dear” and the recipient’s name as the first point of contact. To close, choose a salutation that’s appropriate for the tone of email; “Kind regards”, “Best wishes” and “Sincerely” are the most popular ways to end your email on a positive and professional note.

The beginning of your email defines the tone and may influence the recipient's perception of you. Sending an email to a professional without a greeting, (especially if it is your initial email) can risk the email or its sender (you) being perceived as abrupt.


There is a definite level of importance to email etiquette, it can be the catalyst for you securing your desired role. Professionals pay attention to how well put together an individual is. They will want to work with individuals who present themselves in the best light.

If you would like more professional advice and guidance, please feel free to get in contact with us.​

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