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Spotlight on Anne Joseph, Ambition Receptionist

Published on 11th September 2018

Anne recently celebrated her 14th anniversary with Ambition. She is the face of the business and offers a warm welcome to everyone who walks through our doors. 

​Tell us about your personal Ambition journey:

I was working for Deloitte as an Admin Assistant, after their restructuring I was offered another job or a redundancy package - I decided to take the money (which in those days was very good). I took a week’s holiday to Spain and when I returned I began temping, as I wasn’t looking for a full-time job. One week later, I was given a temp job at Ambition, and the rest is history.

What was Ambition like when you first started? What has changed in the years that you have worked here?

When Ambition first started in the UK, it was a totally new company, even though it was established in Australia and Asia, this was the first and only UK branch. It was finding its feet as with all new companies. Initially, Ambition felt very separate, in terms of the different teams and management style. however, throughout the years that I have worked here, we have developed a real family environment.

Ambition has grown into a successful, flourishing company. Our focus is our PRIDE values, and a strong & supportive leadership team, headed by our Managing Director, Nicky, who always has time for everyone, and is an integral part of the company.

What is your favourite part about your job and working for Ambition? What excites you most?

I love my job and have been enjoying working for Ambition for the last 14 years. A question that I often get asked is "why have you stayed with Ambition for so long?". My answer to this question is "I have never experienced the level of support, encouragement, and fun that I experience with Ambition on a day to day basis".  To me, these qualities are very precious and are the key reason for my long, successful career with Ambition. 

I have also heard from past employees how much they miss the culture, which is a testament to the working environment at Ambition.

Describe Ambition in three words: 

Dedicated, consistent and passionate.

What moments in your time at Ambition stand out to you? 

In the 14 years that I have worked with Ambition, I have made some incredible and priceless memories at various company events including; Christmas parties, anniversary dinners, team events, after work drinks, and of course some great friendships.

What is it like being the face of Ambition?

I feel very privileged to be the first face our candidates and clients see, being open & friendly sets the tone for everyone to feel at ease. There is nothing worse than being treated like you’re an inconvenience when you arrive at a reception where there is a face to face greeting point, be it a corporate office, restaurant or anywhere else.

What are the key qualities you need to be a successful receptionist?

Key qualities to being a successful receptionist are effective and friendly communication skills. customer service skillsprofessional persona and the ability to multi-task.

Some advice to those starting out as a receptionist. try not to take anything too personally, (a candidate may have just lost their job). be calm and of course, smile.

Do you have any predictions for the future of Ambition?

My prediction for the future of Ambition is, continued success!

If you are interested in developing a career like Anne's in Business Support, visit our Business Support page for a full list of our current positions or check our our Work For Us page if you're interested in joining our friendly team.

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