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Ambition UK is celebrating our 10 year anniversary! What a decade.

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2018 marks 10 years since Ambition was officially launched in London, following the acquisition of specialist recruitment agency Witan Jardine on 2nd January 2008.   

It was a momentous day, not only for the business but also for myself, as it was on this very same day that I joined the company, so I have been lucky enough to have been part of Ambition UK's journey from the beginning. 

So much has happened since 2008; a Global Financial Crisis, Market recovery, Brexit, President Trump and, for Ambition, a journey full of challenges and opportunities that have led us to become the leading professional services recruitment specialists we are today.  

What a difference a decade makes. 

Back in 2008, I first joined Ambition as an Associate Director.  It was a step down from the Director position I had held at my previous company and a conscious decision that would allow me to 'tread water' in my career and have a better work-life balance with my children, then aged 3 and 1 (my son is 14 next month and choosing his GCSE options – when did that happen?!).  

Due to the GFC, the ‘treading water’ lasted longer than I anticipated but I was soon given the exciting opportunity to grow Ambition's Professional Services division and was promoted to Director of Professional Services and, later, to Managing Director of Ambition UK.   

Now, 10 years on from Ambition's launch in London, our UK business has gone from strength to strength and has been refocused to specialise purely in Professional Services recruitment, covering; Finance & Accounting, Business Development & Marketing, Insolvency, Restructuring, Corporate Finance and Business Support. 

We have become true market specialists, following Ambition’s philosophy of being inch wide and mile deep with our business focus. 

Much has changed in 10 years, but our core values have remained the same.

When I speak to candidates, clients and potential consultants, I often get asked; "what makes us different?" My answer is always: our people.  

Every individual that works for Ambition plays a part in making our culture so unique. People care about what they do on a day to basis and work hard to make an impact.  

During the past decade, I have been fortunate to have worked with some very talented people, some of whom have moved on to different roles and careers and others we have retained and are still very much part of the Ambition story.  

We offer a diverse and inclusive working environment, something that I am incredibly proud of and which we have all worked hard to achieve.  

We live and breathe our PRIDE values -  Passion, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Drive, Enjoyment 

All these amazing things we have achieved by working as a team and recognising that all of us have a part to play in making Ambition special.

The last decade really has flown by. I am incredibly excited to be part of the Ambition story and look forward to seeing what the next 10 years will bring.

Happy 10 year Anniversary, Ambition UK! 

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