Mariam's Internship at Ambition

Mariam's Internship at Ambition

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Ambition partnered with Career Ready to offer year 12 student, Mariam, a six week paid internship during the summer. Career Ready is a UK wide charity linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people.  

In this blog, Mariam gives her account of life at Ambition.

I was offered my internship at Ambition through the Career Ready Scheme at Haverstock School, which I am now very grateful for as I have gained valuable experience in the world of work. Although my chosen career path is teaching, I was open to experiencing different work environments in order to gain transferable skills to utilise in teaching.

My role - Marketing and Business Support

Before arriving at Ambition, I was keen to learn what the recruitment process entails. I’ve learnt that there are a lot more people involved in a recruitment company than just recruiters - there are people working in Ambition within the Finance, HR, Marketing & Admin teams.

My preconceptions

I was very anxious about whether I would enjoy my time here and if I would get along with anyone but staff at Ambition are very friendly and caring.

Before coming to Ambition, I thought, as I would be working with the marketing team, I would be involved in lots of outdoor activities in order to promote the business. Although Ambition does hold and attend events, the marketing team, just like the other teams, spend the majority of their time on computers using more effective ways to promote the business.

Ambition as a company

One thing about Ambition that I really liked is that every week they nominate people who have done something worth praising, it is called Ambition’s P.R.I.D.E values. Ambition also have an end of the month celebration where they discuss how well each team have done that month and profit made. 

I really like the ways they recognise and congratulate people for their hard work.

What I developed

During my time at Ambition, I have become very experienced in using Microsoft Excel as I have been given a numerous amount of tasks that require me to use and produce excel sheets. 

Being behind the scenes of a recruitment agency, I have also learnt what the recruitment process is, how to go about finding a job and the different roles and positions within a recruitment company.

I completed some great creative tasks such as completing 2 goal trackers for the legal finance and BDM team. 

I liked uploading and editing job adverts, as I was able to read job descriptions and see what different roles entailed, the positions and the salary.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Ambition as I believe I have improved and developed skills that will help me in the future especially when it comes to interviews and applying for jobs. 

I would recommend anyone looking for a job in the professional services sector to get in contact with Ambition as the staff here are very understanding, approachable and will adhere to your needs in order to find a job fitting for you.

Thank you all for an amazing 6 weeks and making my experience at Ambition enjoyable!


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