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Celebrating Ambition Day 2023!

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What an eventful day we had, as our teams from across the globe came together to celebrate Ambition's 24th anniversary!

As part of the Ambition Day celebrations, we dressed in green (which is of course, our company colour) and bonded over delicious food and drinks.

The entire company participated in a global call, hosted by Group Managing Director Chris Auckland and Ambition Group's Founder & Executive Chair, Nick Waterworth.

We also watched entries from our global 'Ambition's Got Talent' competition and voted for the winner. There were a wide range of entries from dancers, singers, magicians, bakers and much more!

Here's what else we got up to throughout the day:​

As well as dressing in green, each of the offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore organised Ambition Auctions to raise money for donations to our chosen causes. Items and services that were up for bidding during the auction were donated by our colleagues. Thanks to the generous contributions of our colleagues, we raised a total of AUD8,606 across our Asia offices.

Everyone had a great time playing fun and entertaining games such as oversized Jenga, singing, and testing their Ambition knowledge in a Kahoot quiz!

In Australia, we celebrated with our annual game of Ambingo, followed by pizza and drinks in the evening, before the global Zoom call. The Melbourne team also tried their hands at fluid drop painting. 

In London, the day started with a large breakfast for all, followed by delicious homemade cakes made especially for the occasion.

Activities like spin the wheel brought many prizes out such as free lunches on Ambition, Cinema for 2, 10AM start and even £100! After that, we headed to Chancery Lane for food and drinks for the rest of the evening, it truly was a day to remember!

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