3 reasons to start your job search before the new year

3 reasons to start your job search before the new year

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​We’ve already seen the hiring market pick up over the last few months. With more firms telling us the work is starting to pour in and a recession on the cards we’re expecting 2024 to be a year when the demand for experienced professionals increases even more.

It’s human nature to put things off to a later date and kick the can down the road and career changes are no different. We often speak to individuals that are unhappy in their current role and want to make the move but decide to put this move off until the new year.

However, starting your job search before the new year rush can be beneficial. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth speaking to a recruiter before the end of the year if you’re thinking of making a move in 2024.

You beat the influx of new jobseekers entering the market in January

We’ve all heard the cliché “New year new me” before. We often see a sharp increase of candidates looking to enter the job market in January. The problem with this is that the number of roles available typically doesn’t experience the same rapid increase which can lead to an over saturated candidate market. This makes the competition higher for the most desirable positions.

By starting your search in December you could potentially have already secured a move by the end of the year or at least have already secured interviews that will be taking place in January.

Recruitment is busier in December than you may think

While things can slow down as we approach Christmas, recruitment does stay pretty active throughout December. We often speak to individuals that assume nobody will be hiring in December and therefore it’s better to wait until January. From our experience this is not the case and actually January can be the slower month in terms of new roles coming onto the market.

Historically at Ambition, January is usually our quietest month of the year in terms of new job vacancies. In comparison December is typically in the top 3 busiest months of the year.

Peace of mind over the festive break

If you’re considering a move now and thinking you’ll work on your CV during the holiday season, one thing to consider is why are you giving yourself work to do during a time of relaxation? By starting your job search earlier you can enjoy time with family without the prospect of updating your CV and making applications looming over you. Also you can go into the new year knowing that you’ll be starting your new job soon rather than returning to a job you don’t want to be in and starting the job search from scratch. January is tough already after all!

We understand that there’s a temptation to wait for the perfect moment to start your job search. However if you’re already looking to make a move the best time to start is immediately as there never truly is the perfect moment.

Get in ahead of the rush and apply for your next role now. You can browse our latest job vacancies here.

If you’re interested in discussing what options may be available to you, do reach out to us for a confidential chat and one of our team will be happy to arrange a convenient time to speak with you.

There's still time to brush up on those interview skills too, to really impress your future manager - read our interview tips here!

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