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Factors that can affect your salary offer

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You have gone through the interview process and everything went well, now you've been offered the job! You have a general idea of what the salary range is and your potential employer knows what salary you are looking for. However, when you are provided with the final offer, it isn't what you expected.

Your initial reaction is likely to be one of confusion but before feeling too discouraged or making a hasty decision you may regret, it is always worth taking into consideration the bigger picture. 

What is the total package on offer?

It is important to take into account the total package that your potential employer is offering, which can be multi-layered in some instances.

Some firms may opt to include a salary increase upon completion of your probationary period, as well as future salary reviews. By this point, they should be confident that you will be able to handle the role and be a genuine asset to the firm.

There are other parts of the package, for example, holiday days, pensions, flexible hours which can all build into what your full offer would consist of.

How do I compare to the wider team?

Your future employer has to take into account the salaries, qualifications and experience of those who are already part of the team. This will, to a certain extent, impact the offer that they provide to you.

If you were technically less qualified and/or have less experience than the individuals in the current team, it wouldn’t be commercially viable for them to offer you a higher salary than their current employees.  

Commercial or Cultural Differences

The commercial and cultural nature of organisations can vary largely depending on the industry and size of a company, as well as whether a company is located in the public or private sector.

If you work for a small firm but are considering a move to a large firm, the likelihood is that the nature and size of the work will be larger, more varied and high profile. On the other hand, there are some firms who may offer a more relaxed culture and overall be less demanding; this would also impact final offers.

Recruiters can help

When looking for a new role, using a good recruiter (like us!) can be majorly beneficial. We are able to manage the expectations of both the employer and the candidate to ensure the best possible result for both and can negotiate on your behalf to help you secure the best possible offer.

Of course, there are always going to be exceptions when looking for a new position (particularly when it comes to salary), however, these few points should provide you with a better insight into how offers are formatted.

To see how your salary compares in the market, check out our latest market insights or to find out about our current opportunities.

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