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Job seekers: 5 reasons to use a specialist recruiter instead of going it alone

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One of the biggest struggles job seekers face these days is getting a foot in the door with prospective employers. You may have what it takes but getting that initial interview can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle and can be a long and arduous process.

Working with a reputable recruitment agency can give you the best chance of landing that difficult to secure interview yet many job seekers aren't fully aware of how beneficial agencies can be. Here are some of the top 5 reasons why using a specialist recruiter can be beneficial:

Market knowledge

A good agency knows their clients and market well. They should know which attributes and values the interviewer holds in esteem and will be testing for at interview stage. Talk to your agent and find out as much information as you can before the interview as they should be able to provide you with a more in depth overview of the firm and team than you will find elsewhere.  If you have questions that the agent doesn’t have a response to, don’t be afraid to push for answers, the agent is your conduit to useful information. This can give you the edge over competitors and make you stand out from the crowd at interview stage.

Client Liaison

Your agent will always do their best for you and point the client in the direction of your key strengths. Sometimes our CVs don’t fully reflect our experience so having an agent who knows you well will allow them to champion you and highlight your less obvious qualities and competencies to a potential employer; something you wouldn't usually get a chance to do until interview stage. Having your own professional advocate is always an advantage.

Application Management

So you applied for a job with an employer online but haven’t heard anything? This all too common scenario is something most of us face nowadays and keeping on top of all those applications can be a job in itself.  Applying through an agency will allow you to have a much better overview of the status of your applications and allow you to stay on top of things. Recruitment processes can take some time but with an agent liaising regularly to push back on your application you should never find yourself forgotten at the bottom of the pile.

Honest Skills Evaluation

When signing up with an agency, getting to know your recruiter should be a top priority. You should be open about your strengths and weaknesses and make sure your recruiter knows exactly what it is you’re looking for. This candid exchange will best allow the recruiter to cherry pick the roles which best suit you and will help you to avoid that awkward situation where you find yourself interviewing for a job that’s not right for you. Being the right person for every job you go for should be a top priority and is something an experienced agent can make happen.

Comprehensive Service 

Make the most of your agency. As well as a professional job search service we are able to provide market information, career advice, CV specialisation, interview preparation and industry networking opportunities. All of this is available at no cost to you the job seeker so take all the help you can get and remember that your agent wants you to get that next job just as much as you do.

The important thing to remember is to treat your agency as a resource and help us to work with you to the best of our ability. An honest working relationship is the best way and an upfront approach is the key to your success. Essentially we’re here to help and by taking a more consultative approach to recruitment we aim to make your job search as easy as possible.

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