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Taking Control of your Job Search with your Recruiter

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In a competitive market, working in partnership with a good Recruitment Consultancy can be an advantage. It is just as important to take control of your own job search in order to maximise your chances of success. 

Simply applying for roles you see advertised online and sitting back with your fingers crossed isn’t enough!  Here are some key tips to help you secure your dream job with the help of your Recruiter.

Be clear about what you are looking for

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Having spent many years working in the recruitment sector, I’ve interviewed countless candidates and candidates. Those who have really thought about what they want from their next job are the people who achieve the most success

Spend time thinking what your dream job looks like. Think what type of working environment you respond best to, your main motivators for making a career move, the culture and values of an organisation that resonate most with you and what your long term ambitions are. 

The clearer you can be with your Consultant, the more relevant opportunities we can present to you. Simply saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m open to anything’ doesn’t leave your Consultant much to work with. If you are struggling to hone in on what you want, then tell your Consultant as we can help you pinpoint what’s important to you.

This is also true when interviewing. If you attend interviews, give your Recruitment Consultant really concise feedback on your thoughts about the role and the company.

Target your applications

You’ll save yourself time and energy if you really take a targeted approach to your search. Apply for jobs that are relevant to your skills and experience instead of applying for every role that you see. 

This is so you can better keep track of your applications and really engage with your job search as duplicating your application does not go down well with hiring managers.

Build relationships

Get to know your Recruitment Consultant and make time to meet them.  It’s easy to get lost in technology when it comes to looking for a new job, but you cannot beat face to face contact

It’s important that your Consultant gets a sense of your personality and that you discuss together what the approach for your search will be. It makes the whole process more engaging on both sides and it will really help you to manage your own expectations if you agree on an action plan together.

Work in partnership

Maintain your relationship by keeping in touch with your Recruiter to give updates on your situation and work in partnership with them.  

If you are working with several agencies and/or making direct applications yourself, then keep your Recruiter up to date with how your job search is going. 

Often candidates feel the need to keep their search a secret but a good Consultant can help you be objective about the roles you are interviewing for and can tightly control the interview process for you in terms of timeframes, to move towards a successful conclusion for you - but only if they have all the facts.

Looking for a new job shouldn’t be a daunting process once you take on board the tips outlined in this article. By being open with yourself and your Recruitment Consultant on what you want from the change and by working effectively alongside them, you will successfully take control of your job search and find the perfect job.

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