How to Market yourself as a Marketer

How to Market yourself as a Marketer

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As an experienced marketeer, you’ve probably spent the last few years focusing on your firm’s brand – establishing them in their market against their competitors and looking at what they can be doing as a business to promote and enhance themselves. 

But what about you? You’ve made the decision that you want to focus on your career, but where do you stand in this highly competitive market?  What is your personal brand?  What are you doing to promote yourself against your competitors? What is going to make you interesting/appealing to your next employer?

As we all know searching for a new role isn’t easy, it takes time and you’ve got to get it right, apart from partnering with a trusted agency, you also need to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to position yourself against everyone else in your field looking for a new role.

Here are a few key points for you to think about if you’ve made the decision to look for a new job:

Your personal brand:

You’re the expert at this!  You’ve built the brand for the company you work for so turn the tables and start thinking about how you can build your own brand.  What makes a successful brand? Big or small! You’ve done this many times before so now it’s just a change of tact to start thinking about your self and your own self-promotion.  Self-promotion, now that’s something to think about – not many people feel happy selling themselves, but if you don’t do it then who else will?  You know you so there is no better person for the job!

Your social presence:

What does your social presence say about you? Your social presence is important as a marketeer - what professional blogs have you written, what articles have you promoted, how often do you share your thoughts on relevant stories? The more you can get your work seen and heard the better as it will help you reach a much wider audience, helping you to enhance your own brand and stand out in the crowd.

Review your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself if it stands out and will grab someone’s attention.  How well is it promoting you, if at all?  If not, then start working on it – highlight work you’ve done and even get some testimonials and why not give some testimonials and positive praise to others too?

Your network of fellow marketers:

This will prove to be invaluable – build your name amongst your fellow marketeers, become known and make yourself unforgettable (in a good way)!  Attend marketing and networking events and be involved with marketing bodies such as PM Forum.

How to stand out in the crowd:

Now’s the time to take yourself out to market, if you’ve taken the time to focus on all the above then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stand out amongst your counterparts and secure your next dream job!

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