Legal BD, Marketing & Communications Market Insights Q2 2018

Legal BD, Marketing & Communications Market Insights Q2 2018

Published on 4th April 2018

The start of the year has been dominated by change and new team growth across many of our clients in the legal sector. 

We have seen a lot of demand from International/US firms who are continuing to invest in their BD & Marketing functions in the UK. This investment is coming from the more established firms in the UK who are looking at increasing the sophistication of their BD & Marketing areas by adding more specialist functions such as client relationship management. Less established firms are also looking to build out dedicated UK/European BD & Marketing teams. 

Outside of client relationship management, we have also seen demand for other specialist functions such as PR, content, events and digital

In core Business Development we have seen more openness from firms to hire individuals without practice/sector experience, instead, focussing on getting strong professional services BD experience. Alternatively, there is an increasing trend for firms to hire within industry, particularly in real estate and financial services. 

Vacancy numbers as a whole have remained fairly consistent year on year. As a general trend the market can be said to be job-rich and candidate short. Whilst job volumes at Assistant to Manager level remain particularly high, we have seen increases in hiring at “Head of” and Director level.  


Some of the skills in demand and vacancies we have supported our clients in Q1 include: 

  • Successfully placed two newly created senior leadership BD roles with emerging US firms
  • Placed management level opportunities across; Digital, Events, BD & Communications
  • Entrusted to assist in the recruitment for Head of Department roles across; Bids, BD, Marketing & Communications, projects which are currently ongoing.
  • Multiple opportunities at BDM & Senior BDM level covering; litigation, finance, TMT, Insurance, private equity, transactional, real estate & corporate. 
  • Currently working on 20+ opportunities at Assistant & Executive level across the UK


Current market conditions in the legal sector present fantastic opportunities for individuals looking to progress their careers in BD, Marketing & Communications.

Heading into Q2 we anticipate numerous opportunities for individuals to upskill through further specialisation. It is likely that firms will have to be more flexible and either hire less experienced individuals to step up into more senior vacancies or hire individuals from outside of the legal sector to secure talent. This presents further opportunities for job seekers, as well as allowing employers to bring new skillsets and ideas into their teams. 

We expect the temporary and contract market to be busy with the amount of change in the industry. Firms will rely more on contractors to help with specific projects, as well as short to medium term fixes before firms settle on a structure and strategy for their BD & Marketing functions. 

Q2 tends to be the busiest for hiring BD, Marketing & Communications professionals within the legal sector. The speed and quality of interview processes will be key to firms getting ahead with securing the best talent. 

Legal BD, Marketing & Communications Salaries Q2 2018

Job TitlePermanent Salary per annum (£)Contract Rate (£)
Bids / Proposals Specialists
Head of Bids80K - 110K350 - 500 per day
Senior Bid Manager70K - 90K200 - 350 per day
Bid Manager50K - 70K26 - 33 per hour
Senior Bid Executive40K - 50K21 - 26 per hour
Bid Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Bid Assistant25K - 30K13 - 15 per hour
Business Development / Sales
BD Director100K+450+ per day
Head of BD75K - 140K400 - 500 per day
Senior BD Manager70K - 90K320 - 400 per day
BD Manager50K - 70K28 - 36 per hour
Sales Manager50K – 65K26 – 33 per hour
Senior BD Executive / Coordinator / Specialist40K - 50K19 - 28 per hour
Sales Executive30K – 45K15 – 23 per hour
BD Executive / Coordinator32K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
BD Assistant25K - 30K13 - 15 per hour
BD Administrator22K - 25kK11 - 13 per hour
Client Relationship Management /
Key Account Management
Head of Client Relationships100K - 130K380 - 500 per day
Senior Client Relationship Manager70K - 100K320 - 400 per day
Client Relationship Manager50K - 70K26 - 38 per hour
Senior Client Relationship Executive40K - 50K18 - 26 per hour
Client Relationship Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Head of Communications / PR (Global remit)100K - 140K380 - 550 per day
Head of Communications / PR (National or Europe remit)70K - 100K320 - 400 per day
Senior Communications Manager70K - 95K
Communications / PR Manager50K - 70K26 - 31 per hour
Internal Communications Manager50K - 65K
Content Manager / Publishing50K - 60K
Senior Communications / PR Executive / Advisor38K - 45K20 - 23 per hour
Internal Communications Executive30K - 40K
Communications / PR Executive / Advisor30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Communications / PR Assistant22K - 30K13 - 14 per hour
CRM Database
CRM Database Manager50K - 75K26 - 31 per hour
CRM Database Executive30K - 40K15 - 18 per hour
CRM Database Administrator / Assistant25K - 28K13 - 14 per hour
Studio Manager50K - 65K
Senior Design Executive35K - 45K18 - 23 per hour
Design Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Design Assistant23K - 28K12 - 14 per hour
Digital / Online / Web
Head of Online / Digital70K - 120K380 - 520 per day
Digital Manager / Online Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Intranet Manager (Sharepoint)45K - 60K
Social Media Executive30K - 35K18 - 23 per hour
Digital Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Digital Assistant25K - 28K15 - 18 per hour
Head of Events60K - 95K380 - 250 per day
Events Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Events Senior Executive35K - 45K18 - 23 per hour
Events Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Head of Marketing / Marketing Director90K+400+ per day
Senior Marketing Manager70K - 90K31 - 38 per hour
Marketing Manager50K - 65K21 - 31 per hour
Senior Marketing Executive40K - 45K18 - 21 per hour
Marketing Executive / Coordinator30K - 40K14 - 18 per hour
Marketing Assistant24K - 30K13 - 14 per hour
Marketing Administrator21K - 23K11 - 13 per hour

Notes on salary table:
  1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation.
  2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly.
  3. 12-month base salaries are assumed.
  4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures.
  5. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances.