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The latest hiring trends in Professional Services Marketing & BD - Q2 2021

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As we approach the end of April and with lockdown restrictions easing, we are seeing positive trends across professional services when it comes to recruiting for BD, Marketing and Communications related roles.

Here is an overview of the key trends we’re currently seeing at the end of April 2021:

1) Job seekers are gaining in confidence

Since the beginning of 2021, job flow has been gradually increasing month on month across professional services

Now, in the first month of Q2, we have seen that buoyancy is returning to the jobs market. We are finding that many BD and Marketing professionals who hesitated to leave their stable jobs last year now have the confidence to move.

2) Communications and Bids specialists are in demand

Alongside the more traditional Business Development & Marketing posts, we've seen an increase this month in more specialist positions coming into the market, with a particularly high volume of Communications roles and Bids roles at a variety of levels.

3) An increase in newly created positions

It has been particularly encouraging to see a significant percentage of newly created positions coming onto the market in April.

Firms are now investing in new headcount across BD & Marketing team as opposed to simply replacing current roles, which bodes well for us continuing the upwards trajectory we’ve seen since January.

4) Hiring processes are moving more quickly

Aided by the use of virtual interviewing, as well as the need for firms to get new hires in quickly due to heavy workload demands, we've noticed that hiring processes are becoming faster.

5) Bonuses

We've heard that a number of law firms are giving out ‘Covid bonuses’ to employees. It has been extremely pleasing to hear that firms are rewarding their Marketing & BD teams for battling through a difficult last 12 months.

In summary, April has been a very positive month for BD and Marketing recruitment in professional services. Job flow and an increase in job offers has resulted in our busiest month since the pandemic began.

Considering that this has overlapped with Easter and the school holidays, which are traditionally slow periods, this has made it even more encouraging to see.

Long may this trend continue!

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