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Spotlight on a Digital Marketing Manager

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Digital marketing has become an increasingly important element of the marketing mix for most businesses - and yes this also applies to professional services!

Now, more than ever, there is a definite need for firms to invest in digital if they are to remain competitive. Consequently, we are seeing increased budgets for digital functions in a large number of firms across professional services.

From a recruitment point of view, one thing is for sure: digital functions within professional services will indeed get bigger, meaning there will be an increased demand for digital marketers and a rise in the number of digital marketing jobs coming on the market.

To offer some insight into digital marketing we’ve asked Quarina, one of Ambition's recently placed candidates who is currently working in Real Estate, to offer some insight on her career as a Digital Marketing professional.   

1. What made you want to get into Digital Marketing?

In a way, it was almost an accident! I knew I always wanted to be in a field where technology overlapped with design, where you could be creative but shape the future.

Digital Marketing just seemed to be the perfect fit for that. Even as a 15-year-old, the idea of working with tech and design excited me so you could say it was a natural career choice.

2. How is Digital Marketing changing the way Professional Services firms operate?

It's truly revolutionising it. You hear the terms 'Digital Transformation' or 'Digital Strategy' a lot - they are huge buzzwords and although Professional Services is a bit late to the trick compared to Startups or FinTech, digital marketing is starting to truly transform the way Professional Services organisations operate.

Automation programmes are cutting down manual hours as well as human error. The ever-changing internet of things and big data means we now need governance on social media, as well as guidelines that are adapted to each individual firm.

3. What are the biggest challenges digital marketers face?

In Professional Services, Digital First is an initiative that most firms want to adopt, but are often unsure of how to. 

There’s a lot of governance and there can be some resistance to change - I get it, change can be difficult, and for bigger firms, it can be tricky to get all the moving parts to flow.

It’s not as easy as saying “Fantastic we are all going to adopt Artificial Intelligence”, factors such as the integration of the technology into operational systems, engaging staff to interact and utilise the technology, as well as a logistical approach all need to be considered.

The challenge then for digital marketers, is the ability to wear many hats. To not only step away from the operational and strategically view the workflow but also to explain the need for change to Sales and Senior Directors who, ultimately, want to see revenue and profits. 

4. What do you enjoy the most about digital?

The fact it's constantly changing. No one day is the same and I know that might sound cheesy but the fact that I get to work with amazing technology, come up with creative solutions, as well as work with behavioural patterns of users truly excites me. 

5. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into digital marketing?

If you want to get into digital marketing then it's not enough to just be passionate about it, you must be prepared to have a relationship with it!

Passion can die after a while, it’s like the first few dates, it’s great and exciting and top level seems fantastic, but a relationship? It takes time, commitment, a true understanding of the intricacies, complications, frustrations and still wanting to be there day after day.

There will be days when it’s hard - systems aren’t working, the simplest of email campaigns fail, social media trolls ruining your amazing PR piece, but, for me, the rewards outweigh all of this. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing your brand new launched website working seamlessly and that email campaign generating even more leads.

So... if digital marketing is where you want to take your career, then do it. Now is an exciting time for Digital, especially in professional services firms, a lot of change is in progress and honestly, I think it’ll only keep on growing. 

If you are interested in finding out more about a career in digital marketing, do feel free to email or check out our latest vacancies here

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