BD&M Accountancy, Consultancy & Property Market Insights Q2 2018

BD&M Accountancy, Consultancy & Property Market Insights Q2 2018

Published on 3rd April 2018

Q1 got off to a slow start, although job flow quickly ramped up through February and into March with a number of clients growing their teams in the consultancy, property and accountancy space. For the first time in a while, we are also beginning to see a clear split between marketing and business development roles, with the latter tending to have more of a sales focus; as opposed to the traditional internal-facing business development, especially within the accountancy sector. 

A notable trend following from 2017 to 2018 is the continued lack of talent actively in the market for new opportunities. It is still a positive time to be in the market as a candidate, with a number of candidates having multiple interviews with multiple clients for similar roles. Due to active talent being scarce, opportunities have to appeal to a passive pool of individuals to pique their interest. Reputation, brand and how the particular role will enhance their career are therefore becoming incredibly important. There is also a noticeable trend with the clients that are most successful in securing the candidates, with all tending to have three things in common; 

  1. They move quickly with the interview process, even if there are 3 – 4 interviews, they are keeping the stages very close together
  2. The clients are offering flexible/agile working as part of their overall package, whether it be shortened/flexible hours or allowing working from home
  3. The clients are selling to the candidates in the interviews. A lot of time the candidates are now choosing roles around the relationship they have with the interviewer as opposed to just salary or progression, although it goes without saying these still play a major part.


The last three months have also seen the rise of PR. After a number of years of having the odd role here and there, we have seen an influx from Exec level through to Director within property, accountancy and agency side. 

Consultancy has seen the continuation in recruiting Marketing specialists at all levels, with a particular influx of sector-specific Marketing Manager positions. 

Property is following in a similar fashion, seemingly keen on taking from the legal market.

The accountancy sector seems to be focusing more evidently on sales, with a number of clients recruiting BD roles which have clear financial targets set against them and are backed up by a commission structure. This sector has also seen a rise in the recruitment for strong graduates looking to start/develop a career within marketing and business development, the lack of graduates looking to make this move will be a challenge moving forward.


Moving forward, the market indicates that it is business as usual. Inevitably, with April coming and many firms Year Ends, there will come new budgets and thus the knock-on effect of new hires being signed off for growing teams. At present, Brexit still seems to be having little effect within professional services recruitment, so it appears an extension of high job flow and candidate demands is very much on the cards.  

BD, Marketing & Communications Salaries Q2 2018*

Job TitlePermanent Salary per annum (£)Contract Rate (£)
Bids / Proposals Specialists
Head of Bids80K - 110K350 - 500 per day
Senior Bid Manager65K - 90K200 - 350 per day
Bid Manager50K - 65K26 - 33 per hour
Senior Bid Executive40K - 50K21 - 26 per hour
Bid Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Bid Assistant25K - 30K13 - 15 per hour
Business Development
BD Director100K+450+ per day
Head of BD75K - 120K400 - 500 per day
Senior BD Manager70K - 90K320 - 400 per day
BD Manager55K - 70K28 - 36 per hour
Sales Manager50K – 65K26 – 33 per hour
Senior BD Executive / Coordinator38K - 55K19 - 28 per hour
Sales Executive30K – 45K15 – 23 per hour
BD Executive / Coordinator30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
BD Assistant25K - 30K13 - 15 per hour
BD Administrator22K - 25kK11 - 13 per hour
Client Relationship Management
Head of Client Relationships80K - 120K380 - 500 per day
Senior Client Relationship Manager70K - 90K320 - 400 per day
Client Relationship Manager50K - 75K26 - 38 per hour
Senior Client Relationship Executive35K - 50K18 - 26 per hour
Client Relationship Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Communications (including internal comms and CSR)
Head of Communications (Global remit)80K - 140K380 - 550 per day
Head of Communications (National or Europe remit)70K - 100K320 - 400 per day
Communications Manager50K - 60K26 - 31 per hour
Senior Communications Executive38K - 45K20 - 23 per hour
Communications Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Communications Assistant22K - 30K13 - 14 per hour
CRM Database
CRM Database Manager50K - 60K26 - 31 per hour
CRM Database Executive / Steward30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
CRM Database Administrator / Assistant25K - 28K13 - 14 per hour
Senior Design Executive35K - 45K18 - 23 per hour
Design Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Design Assistant23K - 28K12 - 14 per hour
Digital / Online / Web
Head of Online / Digital70K - 120K380 - 520 per day
Web Content Manager / Online Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Social Media Executive30K - 35K18 - 23 per hour
Web Content Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Web Content Assistant25K - 28K15 - 18 per hour
Head of Events60K - 80K250 - 380 per day
Events Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Events Senior Executive35K - 45K18 - 23 per hour
Events Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Events Assistant23K - 30K12 - 15 per hour
Head of Marketing / Marketing Director90K+400+ per day
Senior Marketing Manager60K - 85K31 - 38 per hour
Marketing Manager40K - 60K21 - 31 per hour
Senior Marketing Executive35K - 40K18 - 21 per hour
Marketing Executive / Coordinator28K - 35K14 - 18 per hour
Marketing Assistant24K - 28K13 - 14 per hour
Marketing Administrator21K - 23K11 - 13 per hour
Head of PR (Global remit)80K - 120K380 - 550 per day
Head of PR (National or Europe remit)70K - 90K320 - 450 per day
PR Manager45K - 70K26 - 36 per hour
PR Senior Executive40K - 50K21 - 26 per hour
PR Executive28K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
PR Assistant21K - 27K11 - 14 per hour

Notes on salary table:
  1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation
  2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly
  3. 12-month base salaries are assumed
  4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures
  5. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances