Business Support Market Insights Q3 2017

PA & Business Support Market Insights Q3 2017

Published on 18th July 2017

In what feels like uncertain times following the results of the General Election, Business Support recruitment remains buoyant. Job flow has increased from the tail end of Q2 to the beginning of Q3, through both growth and natural attrition.

Many employers are predicting exciting growth whilst taking the opportunity to look at efficiency and processes, which is having an interesting impact on the Business Support market. We have seen a real trend away from the more ‘traditional’ support roles, with newly created roles now often having more multi-faceted elements to them.

Skills in Demand 

Experienced PAs and EAs remain in demand and the trend towards hiring more junior level candidates that can grow and develop within a business, that we saw at the beginning of Q2, looks set to remain.

As businesses continue to strive for maximum efficiency from their support teams, candidates who are open to working twilight hours are very much in high demand but short supply.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Kennedy’s recently announced a merger with US Firm Carroll McNulty & Kull (CMK).

Predictions for the Coming Quarter

The sector in general looks set to continue its upward trajectory and the competition to attract the best talent in the market will remain high. The traditional Business Support roles will continue to evolve to encompass an increasing range of responsibilities and skillsets. 

Understanding candidates’ key motivators and drivers is essential in a competitive landscape. Firms are being urged to assess the benefits that are on offer as increasingly, salary isn’t the main motivator for a candidate wanting to move: work/life balance; recognition; personal development and softer benefits are now extremely important.

Advice for Employers

Be prepared to make quick decisions – don’t miss out on top talent by slowing up the process. Good candidates are in short supply and often have multiple options to choose from, so won’t be on the market for long. Work closely with us to help drive the process as quickly as you possibly can.

Be open minded – consider candidates from outside of your sector where possible – they can add a very interesting and new perspective to your business. Also, don’t focus too heavily on job titles on CVs, focus more on the content of the role.

Advice for Jobseekers

Prepare thoroughly – work with us to prepare thoroughly for interviews and dig deep when doing your research. Think of some really strong examples when it comes to achievements within your current or past roles. As Business Support roles continue to evolve, hiring managers are looking for candidates that can add real value to their business – an interview is a time to shine, not to be modest!

Move quickly – be prepared to move quickly for roles you are really interested in and be as flexible as you can when it comes to attending interviews. Work closely with us with regards to feedback and any concerns you may have post interview so we can help you address these and make really informed decisions about your job search.

Business Support Salaries Q3 2017

Legal sector

Job title Permanent salary
per annum (£)
Contract rate per hour (£)
(based on 35 hour week)
PA Manager 48K - 75K 29 - 46
PA Team Leader 38K - 48K 23 - 28
PA Coordinator  38K - 44K 23 - 27
Executive Assistant to Managing Partner 42K - 50K 25 - 30
Senior PA to Senior Partner / Management Team 39K - 46K 24 - 28
Personal Assistant 31K - 35K 19 - 21
Legal PA to Partner 32K - 40K 19 - 25
Legal Float Secretary 34K - 38K 20 - 23
Legal Secretary to Associate 32K - 36K 17 - 20
Legal Secretary (6-12 months' experience) 22K - 28K 13 - 17
Trainee Legal Secretary 18K - 23K 11 - 14
Administrator / Admin Assistant 18K - 26K 9 - 16
Team Secretary / Assistant 25K - 30K 17 - 21
Daytime Document Production Manager / Supervisor 38K - 46K 23 - 28
Document Production Operator 33K - 38K 20 - 23
Weekend Document Production Operator 38K - 42K (pro rata) 23 - 25
Evening Document Production Operator* 35K - 38K 21 - 25
FOH Leadership 30K - 40K 18 -24
Receptionist / Switchboard Operator 24K - 30K 14 - 18
Facilities Assistant 22K - 27K 13 - 16
Post Room Assistant 18K - 24K 11 - 14
Reprographics Assistant 22K - 27K 13 - 16

*Discretionary enhancement for twilight/unsociable hours

Practice Sector

Job title Permanent Salary
per annum (£)                   
Contract rate per hour (£)
(based on 35 hour week)
Office Manager 35K - 45K 21 - 27
Executive Assistant 36K - 40K 22 - 24
Senior PA 34K - 36K 20 - 22
PA                                                                                                                  32K - 34K                                            19 - 20
Secretary / Team Secretary 26K - 31K 16 - 19
Team Administrator / Administrator                           22K - 25K 13 - 15
Receptionist 23K - 26K 14 - 16
Switchboard operator 22K - 26K 13 - 16


Notes on salary table:

*Discretionary enhancement for twilight/unsociable hours
1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation.
2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly.
3. 12-month base salaries are assumed.
4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures.