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The Journey of a Resilient Recruiter - Angelina's Career story

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to survive in the world of recruitment? With the spotlight on Angelina Webb, you will sure learn! Angelina shares insights into what it takes to be successful in this industry, the culture of working at a company like Ambition and some of reasons why she has stayed for the past ten years..

What does it take to be a successful recruiter?

'So to be a successful recruiter, I know probably everyone uses this word all the time, but you have to be resilient. Things don't always go your way. You know, you can put in one hundred and ten percent everything you're doing, but you can't control People at the end of the day and things don't always go your way and things are unpredictable. So I'd say to be a successful recruiter, don't give up keep working really, really hard and have that resilience, and you'll get there eventually!'

What's the culture like working at Ambition?

'Ambition is amazing. So you've got people who have just started out their career in recruitment to people who have been here for seventeen years and everything in between. So people work together so amazingly. It's so inclusive. Everyone kind of shares their, recruitment stories and each other out, like no matter kind of what level and experience you have. So that is really amazing. Another thing that I'd say about the culture, which makes it amazing is the fact that it is a really high performing culture, so you are really encouraged to progress and develop and kind of continue to look at that next step in your career. Which kind of keeps you motivated, which which is great.'

What's the main benefits of working at Ambition?

'So the main benefits of working ambition, firstly, the people you are work with your friends. So I've been ambition obviously for ten years. So one of my best friends, Olivia, who I met at ambition, who is still at ambition today, she ended up being one of my bridesmaids at my wedding. So to work with her and everyone else in the legal finance team ambition, is amazing. So that's definitely a benefit. We have an annual incentive trip where we get to go away dress up, have nice food, have the dance, everyone, which is amazing, for working is something that is a real benefit. So I work three days a week, and that is a real mixture of working from home, working in the office. So it's that amazing balance between that work life and personal life. it's definitely a benefit we get a very nice coffee machine, which is very useful in the morning when you want to wear strong coffee early in the morning.'

What's the main reason you've been at Ambition the past 10 years?

'Id say one of the main reasons why I've been here for so long has to be the people. So from the first few months of starting ambition in twenty twelve. So many of those faces are still here today and who are now like my lifelong, like, true friends which is amazing. Also, you're surrounded by people who work so hard. Take their jobs really seriously. Wanna do well. A really kind of determined and motivated, which is so contagious, so to be around people like that is amazing. But also on the flip side, you know, everyone's friends, everyone, you know, has a laugh as well. When we're all here, at one point in the day, we will be in hysterics at one point. So it's that amazing balance between working hard, doing well and succeeding, but also just enjoying being around everyone. So yes, that's the people. Second of all, another reason why. I mean, My life has changed a lot in the last ten years. I mean, the last few years, I've now got two young daughters. I've gone from working five days a week. To four days now, three days, and ambition has allowed me to really kind of continue developing and pushing myself in my career whilst working part time, which is amazing. So I have that balance where I feel like I can put one hundred and ten percent into work, and one hundred and ten percent into being a mummy as well, which is amazing!

What would you be doing if you weren't working in recruitment?

'My dad is Greek, so he's from Corfu, and he and then my mum run a restaurant, and they have the most amazing food and there's a huge Greek part of the menu as well. So I think if I was under recruitment, I'd be working in the family business, probably somewhere near the kitchen, seeing as I love food, especially Greek food, trying the dishes, making sure they're up to up to scratch and quality. So yeah, that's probably what I'd be doing!'

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