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The Secrets of Global Marketing Success - How to deliver high impact campaigns

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Ambition recently teamed up with Man Bites Dog to deliver the fifth in our series of webinars for professional services marketing and business development leaders, on the topic;

‘The Secrets of Global Marketing Success: How To Ace Your Global Marketing Role And Deliver High Impact Global Campaigns.’

Claire Mason and Alison Sharpe from Man Bites Dog were joined by a panel of global marketers including Vanessa Montero, Head of Communications at Hogan Lovells and Laura Klysz, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Simmons & Simmons, to discuss the secrets of successful global marketing.

In this webinar, we examine:

The Global Mindset:

• How to shift from a market to a global role

• How to succeed in a global function

• Key considerations for strategy, leadership and approach.

Global Campaigning:

• Secrets of high-impact campaigns across multiple markets.

Watch 'The secrets of global marketing success' here:

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