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Why 2022 is the year to start your recruitment career

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​We love what we do, so when we say that 2022 is a great time to get into recruitment, you might think we’re being biased. But it isn’t just us praising the merits of our industry in 2022. Times have changed – and recruitment has too.

​Recruitment is now an industry packed with innovation, professionalism and uncapped opportunity. It’s a place where talented people from every background and with every skillset come to develop. And for those with the right skills and attitude, it’s an industry in which your career can flourish.

Multi-skilled multi-taskers

​Gone are the days when recruitment consultants would simply flick through their diaries making calls. Today’s recruitment consultant uses and develops a huge variety of skills.

​When crafting and promoting job adverts, you’re a marketing manager. You’re using social media platforms, data analytics tools and your own creativity to attract those hard-to-find candidates that will wow your clients.

​You’re a business development manager too. When you recruit a brilliant candidate for a new client, you aren’t just securing commission for you and your employer; you’re laying the foundations for valuable client relationships.

​And you’re a great many other things too. You’re digitally savvy but have the gift of the gab; you’re diligent and conscientious but you’re gunning for big rewards too. The modern recruitment consultant is a multi-skilled, multi-tasker – and you’ll never stop multiplying what you learn.

Closing the skills gap

​The other reason that 2022 presents huge opportunity for newcomers to the industry is the current nature of the job market.

Across all industries, including the professional services firms we work across, there are growing skills gaps. Unemployment in the UK is at an all-time low, and companies of all sizes are struggling to find the candidates they need to assist with their growth.

That, of course, is where the opportunity lies. In 2022, the best recruitment consultants will reap enormous rewards. The more eager businesses are to close their skills gaps, the more you stand to benefit as a talented consultant.

You’ll develop quickly, too.

Like any industry dealing with a big business challenge, the stage is set for the problem solvers and innovators. The recruitment industry is now a fantastic place for bold, ambitious and creative people to utilise their skills. ​

Take the leap

​In how many industries can you utilise all your skills, run your own business and earn uncapped commission from the get-go?

Forget what you thought you knew about recruitment. If you’d like to get a sense of what it’s really like, get in touch. We can’t pretend it’s easy, but we can guarantee that it’s rewarding.

If you'd like to find out more about starting your career in recruitment, do reach out to Grace for a confidential, no obligation chat.

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