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Mental Health Awareness Week at Ambition

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This week Ambition has been taking part in Mental Health Awareness week, focusing on how we can tackle stress and help improve our mental health in the workplace.

The Mental Health Foundation reports that two-thirds of the population will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, with stress being a key factor in this. Poor mental health of employees costs UK employers between £33 - £42 billion a year. Working in recruitment can be notoriously stressful at times, so we recognise the need to encourage open conversations about this issue amongst our employees so that we are able to ensure that everyone feels valued and supported.

To kickstart the conversation, we set up an interactive ‘Stress Awareness Space’ noticeboard in the kitchen to encourage employees to share their experiences of stress and their tips on dealing with it.

We are also encouraging employees to use their lunchbreaks this week to take time away from their desk. Some of the ideas put forward include:

  • Take a team lunch in the park

  • Have a wander in the sun

  • Catch up with friends who work nearby

  • Read a book

  • Take a nap

  • Listen to a podcast

On Tuesday, we took part in The Mental Health foundation’s"Curry & Chaat" fundraising event. The aim of Curry & Chaat is simple: get together with colleagues, enjoy a delicious curry and raise money for the Mental Health Foundation and their vision of a world with good mental health for all and a less stressed nation. The event was received extremely well and was a great way to encourage employees to take time out away from their desks and catch up with each other in a relaxed environment.

Finally, to further promote improving mental health and lowering stress levels, Ambition is offering every employee an extra hour off this week to use as they please – either by taking a longer lunchbreak, coming in an hour later or leaving an hour early. We hope that this extra hour will offer our employees the time to take part in activities that help them to de-stress and focus on their mental wellbeing.

Another way in which we are encouraging our employees to take time for themselves this week, is by promoting: "The six cylinders of wellness".

Ambition Elite Partner, Christopher Paterson, has over 18 years of experience supporting both individuals and organisations with their talent and career management. As a coach, Christopher builds on cognitive, emotional and behavioural wellness to facilitate success at all levels. Last year, Christopher presented at our Sydney office's event "Wellness at Work" (link to event blog)

In Christopher’s coaching, he highlights ‘the six cylinders of wellness’. The six areas that require our attention if we are to be at our best, are outlined below.

  1. Nutrition

    -  Fuelling your body in the right way is fundamental to physical and mental wellbeing

  2. Activity

    -  Being active is key to achieving mental stability

  3. Social Connections

    -  Saying ‘yes’ to social events is important - isolation causes us to suffer mentally

  4. Outlets

    -  It is important to find something that allows you to take your mind off the day to day                 

  5. Sleep

    -  It goes without saying that sleep is vital to both mental and physical wellbeing                                       

  6. Time Out

    -  Taking breaks is a great way to manage day to day stresses in everyday life

You can access all of this information and more in Christopher’s 'The six cylinders of wellness'.

Take a look below at some of the picture highlights from our Mental Health Awareness Week so far.

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