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Why use a Recruiter?

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When looking to progress your career and move into a new job, the best and first person you should be contacting is a recruiter. 

A job seeker should call the experts, although many people choose to go at this daunting task alone because of one previous bad recruiter experience. It’s so important not to paint every recruiter with the same brush, as it really does depend on the consultant you work with - In the same way as you wouldn’t have one bad relationship and decide never get into another ever again, you shouldn’t let one negative recruitment experience discourage you!

Having personally made the move from being a candidate to becoming a recruiter in the field I used to work in, I’ve learnt so much about the benefits of using recruiters to help you find the right opportunity. I’d like to share the benefits of why you should use recruiters rather than avoiding them.

Established relationships with clients

Majority of recruiters have spent time building relationships with the individuals who are going to recruit you. They have a much better chance of getting hold of them and getting their attention. Recruiters know and understand how the firm works, how Hiring Managers like to be contacted, and have a deeper understanding of what they’re looking for.

They already have a database of clients, which, as a candidate, you may not have access to.

We’ve done the networking and you can take advantage of this.

They put you forward

It’s so important for you to meet the recruiter you’re working with, ideally, face to face. By doing this they are able to speak to clients about you with confidence as well as providing an opportunity to understand exactly what you’re looking for in your next role.

It also allows the recruiter to know how you would come across in an interview scenario, and whether you would need more guidance, which they can help with. The better they know you, the better they can portray your skills to the client. If you think about it, it’s free support as you don’t pay their fees.

You will not get lost in an inbox

How often do you receive a response when you apply directly? It is likely the Recruiting Manager or HR get their inboxes flooded with applicants so it is quite likely that you will get lost in all those emails.

If you’re good for the role and the recruiter knows it, they will make sure that they get through to the client for you. We do the chasing for you, which you may not necessarily be able to do as an applicant.

They can create opportunities for you

Even if there isn’t an active role, a recruiter, with your permission, can send out your profile anonymously to their database of clients to create interest. This can lead to roles being created that may not necessarily be there.

As a candidate applying directly, you are limited to the number of active roles you are searching for. Therefore, using a recruiter enables you to broaden your search across firms that would not give you the ability to apply directly.

Knowledge of the market/trends

Finally, recruiters have spent time studying the market they recruit for. They are able to notice trends in the market and generally gain a better understanding of how firms are developing and what their requirements are.



I think sometimes recruiters are misunderstood from the candidate perspective, everything a recruiter does to earn a fee is in your favour.

You may have had a bad experience but maybe it’s time you gave them another chance, maybe try a different recruiter or a different recruitment company as the right recruiter really can provide value to your search.

If you would like professional advice from a recruiter, please feel free to get in touch. 


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