Nicole Bisson

With the first 10 years of her career focused on politics and urban planning policy, Nicole never set out to become a ‘BD geek.’

But as she sunk her teeth into each new role, she realised she loved the strategic challenge, commercial focus and stakeholder engagement that came from the business development aspects of these organisations (yes, even in government!).

Fast forward seven years and Nicole is the Head of Global Business Generation Operations at Turner & Townsend, an independent consultancy specialising in delivering major capital programmes for clients such as Heathrow Airport, Battersea Power Station, Nissan and Shell in more than 45 countries across the world.

Responsible for leading best practice across the firm’s global business development and marketing operations, Nicole works with a community of more than 60 professionals to ensure quality in service delivery for senior management and clients alike.

Without a degree in BD or marketing, Nicole’s path to senior leadership has been different to many. However, she believes the right attitude, aptitude and willingness to learn are just as important in helping professionals ‘reach the top’.

Nicole will be speaking at our 'Making a Manager' event for BD and Marketing Executives on 18th June. 

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