Insolvency & Restructuring Market Trends Report H2 2022

Discover the key trends that matter to insolvency & restructuring professionals in 2022.

2021, much like the year before it, was full of ups and downs. As Covid came and went and mutated, the insolvency and restructuring market also ebbed and flowed while never reaching the avalanche of activity that had been initially expected two years ago.

Now as we enter H1 2022 and we hesitantly move into a new world learning to live with Covid, what does this mean for the Insolvency & Restructuring market and for jobseekers?

Discover the latest Insolvency & Restructuring market trends in H2 2022

Ambition surveyed professionals, hiring managers and employers working in Insolvency & Restructuring teams across the UK to find out the key motivators,
future plans and challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining insolvency professionals in 2022.

Download the report today to discover:

  • Insolvency salaries in 2022

    Salary trends

    How many people received a pay rise last year and by how much do employers plan on increasing salaries in 2022?

  • Flexible working in insolvency

    Working patterns

    With restrictions eased, how often are insolvency professionals generally working in an office? Are employers now more flexible when it comes to hiring remote workers?

  • Plans for hiring in insolvency

    Plans for hiring in 2022

    The jobs market is extremely busy at the moment. Find out which levels of experience are currently in highest demand.

Webinar: The key trends for Insolvency & Restructuring in H1 2022

In this webinar, Chris Stark and Harman Dhillon share insights from our latest survey of insolvency & restructuring professionals,

Key insights include:

  • Expectations for the insolvency market in 2022

  • Trends on pay and bonuses

  • Top tips for jobseekers and hiring managers


Webinar: The key trends in insolvency in H1 2022

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