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​Is it possible to change career from Revenue to Pricing in Legal?

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As a Legal Finance & Accounting Recruiter, one of the most common questions I get asked by legal finance candidates is;

"Is it possible to transition from a Revenue role into a Pricing role?"

The Pricing area is fast growing with many firms investing in this space. As firms grow, the demand for Pricing Specialists also increases, so working in Pricing can be very attractive to many candidates.

So, the short answer to this question is… Yes.

Transitioning from a Revenue role into Pricing is possible and is actually becoming increasingly common as firms struggle to find experienced legal Pricing specialists so look at other talent that can fill the skills gap.

If you are currently working in Revenue and are interested in moving into a Pricing role, here are some key steps that can help you get there.

1. Understanding key transferable skills and the pricing industry

One of the most fundamental parts of the process is understanding the importance of a Pricing Analyst/Specialist and the value they add to a firm.

Pricing teams are a pivotal part of a firm’s finance department and play a large role in long-term financial growth. Pricing Specialists work with Partners and Senior Stakeholders to ensure the firm's profitability is increasing, through competitive pricing.

Pricing professionals help with the development, evaluation, and implementation of pricing strategies, ensuring they align with client needs and creating competitive pricing models.

They also regularly monitor and report on pricing arrangements in comparison to the firm’s financial objectives, whilst providing overall insights and analytics to clients and practice groups.

If you’re currently working within Revenue, you most likely would have spotted some transferable skills there, such as working with Partners to ensure WIP is being managed efficiently and budgets are monitored, producing reports and analysis for the Partners in the firm as well as the importance of competitive pricing strategies.

These skills will work to your advantage when making the move into Pricing.


2. Enhancing your current skill set

Once you have a strong understanding of what a Pricing role entails and the key transferable skills you have already gained, it is vital to enhance that skillset, especially if there are areas that you don’t have as much exposure to.

One of the best places to start is by having conversations with your current Manager, to see if there could be opportunities for you to have more face time with Partners or have more involvement with reporting and analysis.

This will allow for you to build a stronger set of skills and experience which will ultimately make the transition from Revenue to Pricing much easier.


3. Updating your CV

Updating your CV with transferable skills is vital. Our law firm clients will be keen to see when you have had experience of working with Partners, monitoring budgets, producing reports and analysis.

Therefore, it is so important to highlight all these areas, particularly when looking to make a transition.

As specialist Legal Finance recruiters, we can always assist with CV guidance to highlight areas which you can elaborate on or focus on more. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice!

4. Building your own network

As the saying goes; "Good people, know good people".

So, the more proactive conversations you have with Pricing professionals, the more your knowledge and understanding of the market will strengthen.

Building your network will help you gain more credibility and ultimately build your brand and presence in the Pricing world.


5. Working with a specialist recruiter

It can be incredibly valuable to work with a specialist recruiter, especially when looking to transition into a specific area. Our job is to ensure your profile is presented effectively to the right clients, to help you find your perfect role in Pricing.

We work proactively to have conversations with our law firm clients to talk them through your profile in detail, highlight your transferable skills and ensure your job process is handled with care and attention to detail.

So, if you are looking to make a transition from Revenue into Pricing, or would like more information on this area, please do reach out to me as I would be keen to hear from you and help you make the transition.

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