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Commonly asked questions with Jonny & Gideon!

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​Commonly asked questions with Jonathan & Gideon!

Commonly Asked Questions with Jonny & Gideon is a five part series that provides professional advice from expert recruiters in the Audit, Accounts and Outsourcing space.


'​Hi, it's Jonathan Cohen, the Associate Director of our Accounts, Audit and Tax Division at Ambition.

Please watch this space over the coming weeks where we'll be launching a little mini series where we'll answer some of the most commonly asked questions that us recruiters get asked.

Things like what's my CV? Like what's the market? Like, how do I go about negotiating my salary?

Myself and my colleague Gideon Gale will be answering some of these questions, and if you have any particular burning questions that you've always wanted to ask a recruiter, please comment in below and either message myself or Gideon will happily answer any of your questions.

Thanks very much!'