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Ambition working with the Euston Food bank

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Ambition are so proud to be working with the Euston food bank! It's been such a meaningful and rewarding experience. We've been able to help make a real difference in the community while gaining invaluable skills and knowledge.

Last week Ambition took part in Joining the foodbank and the day involved packing up food for families of up to 8 people giving out what food and utilities they requested. It was truly an honour and a privilege to help out at this organisation and we look forward to continuing our journey with them.

The Euston Food Bank is an amazing organisation, providing food to those in need in the local community. Every day, volunteers come together to provide food, clothing, toiletries and advice to people in crisis.

The work that the organisation does is so important. They are helping to ensure that those in need receive access to nutritional meals and other essentials. It's been incredibly humbling to witness the positive impact we have on people's lives.

The Euston foodbank has a very dedicated team of volunteers. Everyone was so passionate and engaged in the cause, working hard to make the most of our resources and make a real difference. However, they are always looking for more volunteers.

​If you would like to learn more about what the Euston food bank offers - click here to view information on there website.

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