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Changing Careers - From Insolvency to Recruitment

Published on 30th November 2021

Harris Ashraf joined the Ambition team in 2021 as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant for Insolvency & Restructuring, having formerly worked in the Insolvency profession.

We asked Harris to share his experience of making the move from insolvency to recruitment.

Tell us about your background?

I decided not to go down the usual path of university but rather go straight into work after school.

I secured a job within the Restructuring Advisory team of a Top 10 Accountancy firm and stayed there for a couple of years. I then made a move to a Top 20 Accountancy Firm after establishing myself and getting a better understanding of the industry.

What made you decide to change careers from insolvency to recruitment?

My passion for sales was one of the main reasons for me making the change. I worked on a high-ticket sales role in my spare time which is when I realised how much I enjoyed being on the phone, building relationships and closing deals.

It also enabled me to be rewarded based on my efforts and so I decided I wanted a career where this was possible.

Using my knowledge of Insolvency and my experience of working in industry was extremely valuable as it gives me an advantage when advising both clients and candidates.

What attracted you to Ambition?

I was actually a candidate of Ambition when I made a move after my first Insolvency job!

I had spoken with other recruiters too, but I felt that the team at Ambition were specialists and provided me with more value than other agencies. I was really impressed with the level of service during my transition but more importantly the aftercare.

Through the regular catch-up calls, I developed a great rapport with my Consultant and felt comfortable enough to speak about my plans to transition into recruitment.

How were your skills transferrable?

When I worked in Insolvency, I came across many different people with different personalities. This could be when speaking to HMRC, creditors or even employees. It was always important to understand their situation when having these difficult conversations and this is the part of the job I really enjoyed.

Networking was also important when looking to progress my career and working in recruitment means I am now doing that every day.

What advice would you give you anyone considering a career in recruitment?

You have to come in with a positive mindset and be ambitious. It’s not something you can come into half heartedly, otherwise you won’t see the results you would like.

The job can be challenging at times, but it’s important to be resilient as there can be immense job satisfaction as well as financial reward.

As always, do your research and try to find something you’re passionate about as this will help you keep you motivated always.

If you'd like to find out more about a career in recruitment with Ambition, find out more on our Work for us page or reach out to Grace Golton, Talent Acquisition Specialist, for a confidential chat.