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4 reasons for Marketers to consider a move into Management Consultancy

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Being a Marketer within professional services can offer you a rewarding, exciting, and successful career. Just like any other industry, professional services firms such as; legal, accountancy, property or management consultancy, all offer a variety of different pros and cons.

As a specialist marketing/communications recruiter within the management consultancy sector, I’m seeing an increase in Marketing professionals at all levels wanting to make the move from wider professional services into the management consultancy space. Why is this? Well, there are lots of reasons that come up time and time again. For instance, the size of the UK management consulting market has grown steadily over the past 5 years and is continuing to do so. Who doesn’t want to work in an industry which is stable but also has so much exiting growth to experience?

Let’s examine some of the other reasons why people are considering this move.

1. Forward-thinking

Management Consultancy is fresh, it’s exciting, it’s innovative! As a Marketing professional in this sort of environment, you’re going to have much more freedom and more of a say on; marketing strategy, campaigns, events, and more face to face time with the consultants. Consultants are obviously experts in their fields, but also understand and appreciate the importance of how marketing can help them to keep ahead of the game. Generally, Consultants attitude and approach towards marketing is more forward-thinking than some sectors for this reason. Getting in there early in consultancy is everything!

2. Creativity has no bounds

Let’s face it, a marketing role which lacks creativity sounds pretty awful, right? Management Consultancy as a sector really pushes this creative thinking element. 90% of businesses that I work with implement a ‘challenger environment’ where, as a marketing professional, you’re expected to challenge and influence senior leaders and become a real thought partner to ensure creativity is being pushed

3. Autonomy

Marketing functions within management consultancy aren’t anywhere near the size of a marketing/BD function in a law firm or even a leading accountancy firm. Generally, the smaller the team, the more autonomy and responsibility you’ll get as a marketer, which is a great way to develop faster and grow as a marketing professional.

4. Diversity

From a recruitment perspective, management consultancy is one of the most diverse when it comes to being open to backgrounds of their marketing staff. I don’t know about you, but would you be truly happy and enjoy working in an environment where everyone is the same and from the same background? Probably not. As a marketing professional, it’s important to continue developing your skills, and the best way to do this is work with other marketers from different backgrounds.

So there you have it! 4 reasons why we’re seeing an influx of marketing professionals looking to move into the management consultancy space. We’d be keen to hear your thoughts on how marketing differs between sectors within professional services!​

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