Spotlight on a Marketing Assistant

Spotlight on a Marketing Assistant

Published on 5th March 2018

Making a move into professional services is not always the first route that marketing graduates think of when deciding their career path. Graduates often make the common mistake of thinking that professional services offer less opportunity for creativity and diversity, however, in terms of exposure to a variety of marketing positions, clear career progression and competitive salaries the sector can offer incomparable opportunities. 

One such candidate, Amy, made the move into professional services when she was placed by Ambition at a leading UK accounting firm as a Marketing Assistant back in October. This overview of her new role over the last four months is a great insight into what professional services could offer you.

What did you do before professional services marketing? 

I worked in marketing for a small size telecoms company. This was my first marketing role and included mostly managing the bookings for their VIP suite at The O2 Arena. I was later promoted and started to manage the development of a new website and brand.  

How have you found your move into professional services? 

It’s very different from working in other sectors. There is a constant high standard to maintain, which at first seems daunting, but it now drives me to want to improve my work and enables me to feel proud of what I have achieved.

What would you say is the biggest difference between where you were before and the firm you are at now?

It is a much larger firm which really focuses on the development and progression of their staff. I am constantly encouraged to improve my skills and as the marketing team includes a number of executives, who specialise in certain areas, there are endless opportunities to learn from my colleagues. The values of the firm resonate with everyone who is employed here and there is a sense of collaboration throughout. Any employee from any team is willing to help me with tasks to ensure that the high standards of the firm are met in everything I do.

How have the first four months been and what have you been working on?

Challenging but encouraging! Within the first month of working here I was assigned with managing the largest client event of the year, and over the last two months, I have started two new firm-wide projects. As the Marketing Assistant, I work constantly with the Marketing Executives who look after the different teams within the firm. This has enabled me to meet a vast range of employees and partners and given me insight into all aspects of the business. In April, I will be starting a CIM level 4 certificate in professional marketing, and later on this year I am running the two biggest firm-wide events; the annual conference for all 350 staff and client reception held at the National Gallery for 800 clients and contacts.

What would you recommend about professional services to anyone looking to make the same move?

Everyone employed by a professional services firm is there because they work hard and they have the skills. This makes you respect your colleagues and have pride in the firm you work for. They encourage you to produce work to a high standard and be proud of what you have achieved. I was initially intimidated by the thought of moving to professional services, but as soon as I started I learned new skills and progressed, and after being introduced to the partners, I saw how open and helpful they are. There is never a time where you feel like you can’t walk up to someone in a high position within the firm, everyone is treated equally and everyone’s job is valued.

What has been the greatest challenge so far?

I joined the firm as the only Marketing Assistant within my team, so at the very beginning, I was concerned that I didn’t have the same level of skills as the other marketers. However, after an apprentice was hired and by working with each Executive I understood that I do have the skills and experience to efficiently execute the Assistant role. I learn something new every day, and there is no need to feel intimidated by working in a new environment with a larger professional team. Everyone in that team was in your position at some point in their career and they understand that you don’t know everything there is to know straight away!

If you are interested in working in a role such as Amy’s, then please do get in touch!  We have a number of opportunities for enthusiastic graduates and marketing candidates looking to start successful careers at leading professional services firms!


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