How to prepare for a Marketing Assistant interview

How to prepare for a Marketing Executive interview

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Interviews are scary enough without having to worry about what questions to focus your time and effort on during your prep! Below are the main questions you should focus on if you are interviewing for a Marketing Executive role within Professional Services.


‘Why do you want to work for the firm?’

To answer this question, you need to have done thorough research. Don’t just look at the company website, do as much wider reading as possible. It is easy to get caught up with the answer and go into why the role appeals, however, it is key to keep these questions separate.

Pick out some key points about the firm that really stand out to you, for instance have they won any awards? Are they known for their culture? Do they focus on a sector which you are particularly interested in? Have they published anything in the press recently?

Good sites to look at (for the legal sector) include Chambers and Partners, Legal Week and The Lawyer, as well as the firm's LinkedIn company page.


‘Why does the role appeal to you?’

Within this it could be good to try and match your CV with the job specification and how this role would suit your skills, could this be a natural transition, building on your current experience?


‘What is the difference between Marketing, Business Development and Communications?’

You want to make sure you are going into the interview having a good idea of how these areas work together and the differences.


‘How do you manage your time and prioritise duties?’ 

This could be as simple as coming to your desk first thing and writing a to do list in order or priority, or blocking out time in your diary each day to do certain tasks.


‘What are your key strengths?’

With this role, highlight your Marketing/BD/Communications skills, mention things that you feel you are really good at and proud of, give examples.


‘What are your weaknesses?’ 

something you feel you aren't as confident in but you counteract it with how you will overcome it or how you are trying to combat it now to make it into a positive.


‘Any questions?’ 

What questions do you want to ask the interviewers? Perhaps around any projects that you will be able to get involved in? What is a typical day in the life? What is the culture like? What would be expected of you in the first 6 months?


Although this blog is titled for Assistant to Executive, any candidate at any level can use these tips!

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