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The Top 5 Benefits of Temping

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Throughout my entire recruitment career, I have always been involved in temporary recruitment in some shape or form. 

During this time, I have encountered people from all walks of life, with varying skill sets, personal circumstances and backgrounds, all of whom have different reasons for taking on a temporary role. I often get asked: "why would I temp, what’s in it for me?".  The benefits are endless, however, the main ones are listed below.

1. Develop new skills

Temporary work is an excellent way to develop new skills and gain exposure to different environments, work on new projects and learn different systems. Hiring Managers are often more flexible with their criteria when it comes to taking a new temp on board, focusing more on transferable skills and team fit than industry background or systems experience, so temping can often offer a great opportunity to learn new things.

You’ll also find that temping can be a great way to build professional and personal confidence and will expose you to new innovations - something that you can put on your CV, take forward to your next employer and add value and insight wherever you go.

2. Flexibility around lifestyle

Temporary work is designed to offer complete flexibility to both the employer and the employee. You may want to work for a couple of months and then continue your studies, or save up for a round the world trip, or fit in with childcare arrangements, or earn an income whilst you set up your own new venture – the list goes on.  

When taking on a new temp assignment, you’ll have a clear idea of the timeframe you are being asked to commit to and can plan around this, giving you complete control. If you work closely with your recruitment consultant and keep them updated on your availability, ensuring that you stick to the commitments you make on assignments, you’ll have complete flexibility.

3. Testing Ground

If you work in one sector and are really keen to break into a different industry, temping can be the answer to your prayers!  You may have always dreamed about working for a specific company or in a specific sector but trying to get your break can sometimes prove extremely difficult. Often, the reality of working somewhere is very different from your expectations, so temping gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’

4. Build Networks

We have all heard the age old adage that ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’ and that is never truer than in today’s competitive recruitment market. Temping gives you huge variety and enables you to build up your professional network of contacts and connections. Employers often hire temps in periods of great change or to meet a tough deadline. If you make sure you are a superstar, you’ll find that you won’t be forgotten and personal recommendations will be forthcoming for you in the future.

5. A foot in the door

You may be a recent graduate, be facing the uncertainty of redundancy after a long career with one employer or simply just feel stuck in a rut and need a change. It may be that the interview process is extremely nerve-wracking and daunting for you and you struggle to show your skills and experience in the best light, in these cases, temping can offer a good foot in the door for you. 

Once you start temping make sure you work hard, turn up on time, are committed and get involved with your team – throw yourself into the role (no matter how big or small the project or task is) and demonstrate your enthusiasm for what you are doing and you could very easily find that you become indispensable – perhaps you’ll be offered your dream job on a permanent basis once the employer sees what you can bring to the party!

Whatever your motivations for temping are, Ambition are here to help.  If you haven’t considered temping as an option for you yet – what are you waiting for?

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