I am assisting in placing corporate, private tax and US Tax professionals into Practice. The clients we recruit for include Big 4, top 100 accountancy firms, boutique accountancy firms and specialist tax practices.

Levels I assist recruiting at include:

- Partners
- Directors
- Senior Managers
- Managers
- Senior and Semi-senior


My background

​Before moving in the UK, I studied Law & Political Science in Greece, but I eventually realised this was not the right career path for me. This is when I decided that I want to change my life and I moved to London, which is the best decision I ever took. Initially I worked in a customer service role and once I felt more confident with my language skills and my whole integration in the UK, I moved to an administrative position in a law firm. Having discovered the world of recruitment I am very excited, and I feel grateful to enjoy going to work every day.


Outside of work

I genuinely enjoy travelling and socialising with people from all over the world exploring different cultures, mentalities and ways of thinking. If I am not in the gym exercising or attending my yoga and swimming classes, you will find me either reading self- improvement and psychology books, doing puzzles or singing in karaoke parties.