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From Marketing Executive to Recruitment Consultant - The Enticing World of Recruitment

Published on 23rd October 2019

After leaving university I decided to pursue a career in recruitment, which turned out to be a great decision as the role taught me so much more than I ever expected.  

The role of a recruitment consultant is unique in its set up - you take responsibility for your own desk and run it like your own little business. 

It was this element of the role I really enjoyed and something I felt gave me a great grounding in my understanding of the fundamentals of business.

However, having studied marketing as part of my degree I had a desire to explore this area further within my career. Following two and a half successful years at Ambition, I flew the nest and joined a marketing agency who specialised in recruitment marketing. This turned out to be a great move as it enabled me to take across some of the recruitment skills I had learnt, whilst also transitioning into a marketing role.

I spent two years within marketing, really enjoying my time, but missed the daily hustle and bustle of recruitment, and the autonomy being a recruitment consultant was able to provide. 

So, I took the plunge and decided to make the move back. There was only one firm I wanted to go back to - Ambition. The people and culture, the office environment and the reputation Ambition has is second to none.

It turned out to be an exciting time to return as Ambition was able to offer me an opportunity to join its Marketing and Business Development desk. This was a great match as it enabled me to utilise my understanding of marketing when receiving job briefings, going through the candidate’s CVs and when explaining opportunities to my candidates. This helped me gain credibility with both my clients and candidates.

If you are working within marketing or the professional services, and have considered recruitment as a potential future career path, then get in touch with 

Gwen looks after internal recruitment at Ambition and would be more than happy to discuss the opportunities we currently have on offer.