Why your PA skills could make you a successful Recruiter

Why your PA skills could make you a successful Recruiter

Published on 17th October 2018

Personal Assistant and Recruiter, two very different careers, right? Well, actually, when applied to recruitment, the skillset of a PA can lead to a very successful career as a Recruiter.

Meeting tight deadlines, prioritising heavy workloads and effective communication are all skills that could help you to succeed in recruitment.

There are lots of advantages that come with a career in recruitment, the biggest being that you receive all the benefits of your hard work and success first hand, instead of somebody else taking all the glory.

Below I have listed some of the fundamental transferable skills of a PA in more detail so you can see how these work in the world of recruitment.            

Time management and organisation

Time management and organisational skills usually come naturally to a PA and can sometimes be the reason people choose this as a career to begin with. These skills are also extremely important in the everyday world of recruitment.

A career in recruitment requires a lot of plate spinning, so the ability to organise your day and prioritise will guarantee that you keep one step ahead, helping to maintain your success as a recruiter. 

Working towards tight deadlines

As a PA you will know this type of environment all too well and working in recruitment is very much the same in this respect. We are constantly up against the clock and you never know what’s around the corner.

A typical day can comprise of a last minute meeting with a candidate to help them prepare for an interview, whilst a client calls in with a job that needed filling yesterday, whilst running out of the office to meet a new client for lunch before you’ve even had time for your morning coffee! 

It can seem never-ending, but this is what I enjoy most about my career as a Recruiter. Who wants to watch the clock all day anyway?

The plus side of working to tight deadlines as a recruiter is that all of the hard work you put in benefits you (the more placements you make, the more money you make)! In recruitment, you work on your own projects from start to finish. It can be tough but in the end, you receive all of the benefits and satisfaction that comes with this, rather than never seeing the end results.

Ability to build rapport with senior stakeholders

The most successful PAs are able to build strong relationships with senior professionals across the business. It is essential for a PA to enable these professionals to work efficiently, so being personable is crucial to the success of the role. In recruitment, you will need the exact same skills in relationship building. 

Building honest relationships with your clients and candidates is vital to being a successful recruiter, once you have these strong relationships, clients and candidates know that they can trust you to find them what they are looking for. 

These relationships enable your success in placing jobs and candidates, which in turn, leads not only to great commission cheques but also huge job satisfaction. Recruiters are actually changing lives! 

One of my favourite things about recruitment is placing people in their first ever dream job within a huge corporate organisation, this helps them to start working towards what they have studied so hard to become - that one never gets old!  

Effective communication skills 

Communication is an everyday part of your life as a PA. You need to be able to effectively communicate with a range of people to get your job done, and fundamentally to make senior stakeholders' jobs as effortless as possible. Communication is equally as important as a recruiter (essentially we are the middleman between our clients and candidates).

In order to carry out our jobs effectively, we need to be able to communicate between our clients and candidates to fully understand what is important to everyone. Being able to communicate everyone’s needs effectively will ultimately make the whole process run as smoothly as possible, for both them and for you.

Is a career in recruitment right for you?

There are, of course, both pros and cons to a career in recruitment (as there is in every industry) but if you are a PA who is looking for something new and want a role where you can utilise the skills you have built up as a PA, then a career in recruitment could be for you.

At Ambition, some of our most successful consultants have come from the industry that they now recruit in. Learning the sector, you recruit for can sometimes be the hardest part of this job, so having that knowledge and transferable skillset is invaluable.

Lara, Mitchard, the Divisional Manager of the Business Support team at Ambition, started her own career as a PA before making a leap into recruitment, so this goes to prove that it’s definitely possible! 

If you would love a career where you have the freedom to run your own business inside the safety of a reputable company, where no two days are the same, and if you love being the sole manager of a process from start to finish, then you will find real job satisfaction from a career in recruitment. 

If you would like to find out more about starting your recruitment career with Ambition, please feel free to get in touch with Gwen Pham for a confidential discussion or visit our 'work for us' page.


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