BD and Marketing insights in Accountancy Q4 2018

BD & Marketing Accountancy Market Insights Q4 2018

Published on 1st October 2018

Whilst many would expect the summer quarter to be the quietest of the year, the accountancy sector saw the biggest uplift in jobs.

Senior level opportunities are at a peak, with both replacement and newly created roles generating an interesting mix of opportunities for experienced individuals to consider. The expected knock-on effect has ensured that the accountancy sector is a great place to look for a new role.

Many firms are looking intensely at their go to market approach. Many are restructuring to improve efficiencies and internal communication and to make sense of their positioning in the market. As such, many of the roles we’ve been seeing are full mix roles, encompassing a mixture of ROI led marketing and business development, as well as an appreciation for either a sector/industry, region or service line.

It can be hard to find individuals with a full mix of marketing and business development skills. This means firms have been battling it out for talent among a much smaller pool of people, and some job seekers have managed to secure large salary increases as a result of this.

Firms are also beefing up their marketing technology teams across CRM systems, digital and design, often looking for talent outside of the industry to bring creativity and innovation. As well as this, firms are looking for specific systems understanding in order to assist in the changeover or creation of better CRM systems, content management systems and internal intelligence libraries.

Wider Professional Services

There has been a constant stream of Assistant and Executive level roles across the market in Q3. At this level, firms are generally more flexible and open to hiring candidates from out of sector who have transferable skills from prior client-facing BD roles.

Digital marketing positions have had more of a drive on analytics and marketing roles have continued to have a keen focus on content production.

Regional Opportunities

Regional opportunities particularly in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and the South Coast are increasing our assertion that moving out of London or starting a career elsewhere can be a great move.

It remains the case that the best senior opportunities tend to be London based but even then, flexibility and agility are on the rise with PWC leading the way in the overt announcement of them enabling their staff to choose their own hours.

Predictions for Q4

We often expect the first part of the final quarter to be the busiest, with roles petering out towards December. With the obvious political climate, much of the market is wondering what next year may bring, making now an excellent time to move roles if you are considering doing so in the next year.

We have seen an increase in firms hiring in continental Europe and there remains a reasonably small pool of talent out there if you are considering a move abroad. However, professional services remain an excellent career option in the UK with law firms and accountancy firms at the forefront of any legislative or regulatory changes.


BD, Marketing & Communications Salaries Q4 2018*

Job Title Permanent Salary per annum (£) Contract Rate (£)
Bids / Proposals Specialists
Head of Bids 80K - 110K 350 - 500 per day
Senior Bid Manager 65K - 90K 200 - 350 per day
Bid Manager 50K - 65K 26 - 33 per hour
Senior Bid Executive 40K - 50K 21 - 26 per hour
Bid Executive 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
Bid Assistant 25K - 30K 13 - 15 per hour
Business Development 
BD Director 100K+ 450+ per day
Head of BD 75K - 120K 400 - 500 per day
Senior BD Manager 70K - 90K 320 - 400 per day
BD Manager 55K - 70K 28 - 36 per hour
Sales Manager 50K - 65K 26 - 33 per hour
Senior BD Executive / Coordinator 38K - 55K 19 - 28 per hour
Sales Executive 30K - 45K 15 - 23 per hour
BD Executive / Coordinator 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
BD Assistant 25K - 30K 13 - 15 per hour
BD Administrator 22K - 25kK 11 - 13 per hour
Client Relationship Management /
Key Account Management
Head of Client Relationships 80K - 120K 380 - 500 per day
Senior Client Relationship Manager 70K - 90K 320 - 400 per day
Client Relationship Manager 50K - 75K 26 - 38 per hour
Senior Client Relationship Executive 35K - 50K 18 - 26 per hour
Client Relationship Executive 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
Communications (including internal comms and CSR) 
Head of Communications (Global remit) 80K - 140K 380 - 550 per day
Head of Communications (National or Europe remit) 70K - 100K 320 - 400 per day
Communications Manager 50K - 60K 26 - 31 per hour
Senior Communications Executive 38K - 45K 20 - 23 per hour
Communications Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Communications Assistant 22K - 30K 13 - 14 per hour
CRM Database
CRM Database Manager 50K - 60K 26 - 31 per hour
CRM Database Executive / Steward 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
CRM Database Administrator / Assistant 25K - 28K 13 - 14 per hour
Senior Design Executive 35K - 45K 18 - 23 per hour
Design Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Design Assistant 23K - 28K 12 - 14 per hour
Digital / Online / Web
Head of Online / Digital 70K - 120K 380 - 520 per day
Web Content Manager / Online Manager 45K - 60K 23 - 31 per hour
Social Media Executive
30K - 35K
18 - 23 per hour
Web Content Executive
30K - 35K
15 - 18 per hour
Web Content Assistant 25K - 28K 15 - 18 per hour
Head of Events 60K - 80K 250 - 380 per day
Events Manager 45K - 60K 23 - 31 per hour
Events Senior Executive 30K - 35K 18 - 23 per hour
Events Executive 23K - 30K 15 - 18 per hour
Events Assistant 23K - 30K 12 - 15 per hour
Head of Marketing / Marketing Director 90K+ 400+ per day
Senior Marketing Manager 60K - 85K 31 - 38 per hour
Marketing Manager 40K - 60K 21 - 31 per hour
Senior Marketing Executive 35K - 40K 18 - 21 per hour
Marketing Executive / Coordinator 28K - 35K 14 - 18 per hour
Marketing Assistant 24K - 28K 13 - 14 per hour
Marketing Administrator 21K - 23K 11 - 13 per hour
Head of PR (Global remit) 80K - 120K 380 - 550 per day
Head of PR (National or Europe remit) 70K - 90K 320 - 450 per day
PR Manager 45K - 70K 26 - 36 per hour
PR Senior Executive 40K - 50K 21 - 26 per hour
PR Executive 28K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
PR Assistant 21K - 27K 11 - 14 per hour


Notes on salary table:
  1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation 
  2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly
  3. Roles outside of London are likely to be £5K - £10K lower than the salaries indicated above.
  4. 12-month base salaries are assumed 
  5. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures
  6. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances