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From Architecture to Recruitment: Rob’s Story

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Two years ago I made the decision to pursue a career in recruitment. It was Summer 2016, and I had just graduated and completed a RIBA Part 1 (Royal Institute of British Architects degree).

Throughout my studies, I worked in the retail sector and it was the experience of client interaction and providing a bespoke service to professionals from different walks of life, which led me to consider utilising these skills in my career.

After some research, I decided recruitment was the way forward!

First came the knockbacks

In all honesty, it wasn’t easy at the start.

I attended several interviews in which I was told that I did not have the required B2B sales experience.

I took part in a couple of Assessment Days where you participate in group activities, which always resulted in the loudest individuals in the room proceeding to the next stage. Ironically, I was assured that this would not be the case....lesson learnt. 

In interviews, I was judged by my CV, not my work ethic or attitude and in Assessment Days, I was overshadowed by the louder members of the group.

Despite these knockbacks, I still knew I wanted to work in recruitment and the experience of my search fuelled this desire even more.

Eventually, my resilience paid off

During this time, I continued working in retail when eventually, I was recommended by a friend to reach out to a boutique media specialist agency. They were looking for graduates to join the team and after two meetings, an offer finally came. This was it, my chance to enter the world of recruitment and I made sure to grab the opportunity with both hands.

This opportunity allowed me to gain 6 months of valuable experience. I learnt the recruitment process, was exposed to the realities of working in the industry and finally had a successful recruitment role on my CV. Having built a strong platform within my first recruitment agency, my fire burned brighter than ever for recruitment.

Then, along came Ambition

I joined the Business Advisory team at Ambition and learnt a new industry in Insolvency and Restructuring. Over a year on and I’ve never looked back.

Shortly after joining as an Associate Consultant, I was promoted to Consultant having shown the right capabilities mainly stemming from my work ethic and attitude, traits that I consider to be key to take forward in any career, but certainly in recruitment!  

My advice to new recruiters

My advice to anyone considering a career in recruitment would be: 

Do your research.

It goes without saying, however, you need to understand everything that a career in recruitment involves: the highs and of course the lows.

Get to know yourself.

How well do you actually know yourself? The reason I make this point is that there is a scale to deduce what type of recruiter you might be - Salesman or Consultative?

Of course, you can be a mixture of the two, but to know this in advance will help when it comes to looking for your first agency.

Talk to a recruiter.

Speak to a recruiter within your network (if you know any) for an honest view of what it’s like working in recruitment. Alternatively, Ambition has a specialist Talent Acquisition consultant who has worked with leading recruitment agencies who can give further advice on starting your recruitment career. 

Be ambitious.

Shouldn’t we all be? Each and every one of us has our own perceptions of ‘being ambitious’ but in recruitment, particularly with Ambition, there is a specialist management team who guide you through your progression with full transparency.

Usually, you would be expected to be promoted within 6-9 months after initially joining as an Associate Consultant, however, at Ambition, you are not restricted to these limits, you can be promoted in less time and opportunities are always available should you want them.

Immerse and enjoy. 

Once you get your first recruitment opportunity, try to immerse yourself in the industry, learn as much as possible and most importantly, enjoy it! You’ll reap the rewards afterwards.

Remember everyone's journey into recruitment is different, but I do hope that reading through my journey, along with my honest advice to those considering a career in recruitment was helpful.

For a different take on entering the world of recruitment, check out my colleague Claire's journey here.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in recruitment, check out our Work for us page today or do not hesitate to get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Gwen Pham.

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