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The Rise of the Temporary PA

Published on 16th July 2018

So far 2018 has shown a marked increase in firms within professional services utilising a temporary workforce, across all areas, but particularly within Business Services functions.

Traditionally firms had shied away from engaging with temporary candidates, often feeling it was a high-risk approach and would not offer any solution - this, however, could not be further from the truth. 

We are seeing a real upturn in candidates that are choosing to follow the career path of a ‘professional temp’.  In today’s busy society, the pull of a role that offers true flexibility to candidates is very attractive. With PA and Secretarial roles evolving so quickly within professional services, candidates are enjoying the opportunity to work in different environments and learn new skills which is nothing but beneficial for their future careers.

If you have often thought that you could really do with an extra pair of hands within your PA and Secretarial group, but can’t get, or don’t have, the sign off for a permanent headcount - don’t discount the value that a temp could offer you. 

There are real tangible benefits that having a temporary PA or Secretary can bring you; these include:


Professional temps are used to starting afresh in a firm and are adept at focusing in on the task at hand and drowning out the ‘white noise’. You’ll find that temps don’t get pulled into any internal wrangling or office politics, offering you high levels of focus and productivity.

Fresh Perspective

Temps have often worked extensively within professional services firms across London - there is not much they haven’t seen or heard before and the exposure they have had to other firms and cultures can offer a really interesting perspective to what you are currently doing, adding value, insight and ideas.

Quick to Learn

Experienced temps need very little training - they are skilled at picking up new ways of working and new tasks and know how to record new information that they can refer back to.  A handover is always the best option when bringing a new temp into a team, but very little more than that is needed so if you think you don’t have time to train a temp then think again - they really can hit the ground running!

Technically Strong

Because temps have had varied exposure to different firms and ways of working, they are generally very technically strong as they are used to learning new systems.  Professional temps are extremely high scorers in the technical tests they sit for us upon registration and they are constantly upskilling all the time which means you have a highly skilled workforce at your fingertips!


Professional temps just get it - they know that your business needs can change at the drop of a hat. They understand that the team they originally joined might not need them anymore, but another team is crying out for their help, so it gives firms a much more flexible and adaptable workforce, one that is used to and embraces change.

So there you have it, just a few of the many benefits of engaging a temporary PA or Secretary could benefit your business - if you’d like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or on 020 7430 7249.


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