Joanna Milne, BD & Marketing Principal Consultant at Ambition

Spotlight on Joanna Milne, Principal Consultant

Published on 24th July 2018

Joanna Milne has worked in a variety of roles at Ambition, mostly within the Marketing and Business Development recruitment team. Here, Joanna discusses her time at Ambition and how flexible and agile working arrangements have enabled her to successfully progress her career to Principal Consultant.

Tell us about your background?

After completing a French degree at UCL I started my recruitment career at a small startup digital/tech recruitment firm. I fell into recruitment and after three years fighting through some of the darker days of the recession, I became pretty jaded about the industry. I applied for a job at Ambition as I was keen to join a business that would offer me more formal training and career progression.

I joined Ambition as the fourth member of the BD & Marketing team at the time (the team now stands at 12 people!) and worked my way up from recruiting entry-level positions right through to assisting with the hires of senior directors.

After my first maternity leave, I returned to specialize in property and accountancy BD & Marketing recruitment working 4 days a week. This worked really well for me and I was grateful that Ambition was so understanding and able to accommodate my need to work flexibly.

Following my second maternity leave, I realised that even returning on a 4 day a week basis wasn’t going to be possible whilst my children were both so young. Fortunately, the management team at Ambition were able to accommodate my needs by offering me the position of Talent Acquisition Manager and shaping this around my desire for an agile, 16-hour contract.

After 6 months in that position, I had learnt a great deal and enjoyed the opportunity immensely, however, I decided that I wanted to return to my main passion, BD and Marketing recruitment. Furthermore, after concentrating on my family for 3 years, I felt ready to focus on my career again so am now a full-time Principal Consultant for accountancy BD, Marketing and Communications roles.

What first attracted you to Ambition?

Coming from a small, owner-managed business, I was in awe of the amount of incredibly successful recruiters I could learn from as well as the amount of money that could be earned.

I also relished the opportunity to work in a business that had over 25 years’ experience of recruiting in the same markets and that had built long-term relationships with a strong client base.

What is something you know about Ambition that you didn’t know before you joined?

The people who work at Ambition not only nurture careers but they also nurture people’s lives. We really do have a fantastic company culture with a great group of people – it’s amazing how many fantastic friendships and relationships have been made through one company.

What is your favourite perk?

Whilst I love our Billers lunches, quarterly drinks, summer and winter parties and all the socialising that happens at Ambition, for me, it’s all about the agile working – being able to work as and when suits me has really changed what work even means to me.  

I no longer think of it as ‘work’ but as part of something I truly enjoy doing. Ambition has amazing IT systems and I can literally log into my desktop from anywhere.

What life goals have you been able to achieve thanks to a career in recruitment?

So many. I bought my first house within 6 months of being at Ambition. Also having my two girls and becoming a working mum!

What does it take to be successful in recruitment?

Guts, dedication, an ability to talk to pretty much anyone and lots of energy!

What would you say to anyone considering working at Ambition?

If you want to work in recruitment but not in a hardcore sales environment; if you want to be seen as a consultant rather than ‘that sales person’ and if you want to have a career rather than a job – this is the place for you. The culture is fun, supportive and everyone genuinely collaborates and wants you to succeed. 

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