Uk   Bd&M Q3 2018

BD&M Accountancy, Consultancy & Property Market Insights Q3 2018

Published on 13th July 2018

The accountancy sector has been recruiting in abundance with little sign of it slowing any time soon. Although several firms have a headcount freeze until their new financial year, this has not stopped movement from within the sector.

Continuing with the Marketing Manager theme of last quarter, we are seeing a number of Financial Services based roles with clients looking for candidates to have knowledge or experience in this area. Whilst there have been more marketing/creative, brand and events led positions, these are popular roles and are generally quickly recruited, meaning that candidates need to act fast to secure these positions. More niche skill sets continue to prove difficult to find with CRM system experience and bids being two of the highest demand areas.

The consultancy market has been buoyant through Q1, particularly at Marketing/Communications Manager level. We’re seeing a rise in the numbers of 6-12 month contract roles, with the majority having a good chance of ending up permanent. A number of the leading consultancies have been restructuring their marketing functions, becoming more ‘sector focussed’ as opposed to a more traditional ‘centralised’ marketing team. We’re also seeing steady job flow across other disciplines such as; Graphic Design, Digital and External Communications.

Real Estate tends to be following the trends of both the Accountancy and Consultancy sector, with a need and want to hire broad Marketing Managers within both residential and commercial. One change we have seen is the rise of client relationship management roles, where the BD teams are looking to introduce or grow these teams. The roles tend to focus on developing relationships with a select number of the firm's key clients. As always, the larger firms are still very much on the lookout for strong Bid candidates, especially at the more Junior end of the market. As with all of professional services, these candidates are in short supply. 

Predictions for the coming quarter

The early signs show little change from Q2. Q3 tends to quieten towards the end due to the summer months and holiday season, however, we are hearing positive signs from a number of firms kicking on over the summer, including some roles at the more senior end of the market. 

We are expecting the trend of increased FTC’s to continue over the coming months. We are also expecting a real push at the junior end of the market, with more firms looking at recent grads with little to no experience. There seems to be little respite from the “job-rich, candidate shy” market, with the best talent being snapped up quickly, with firms merging interview stages to speed up the process.

BD, Marketing & Communications Salaries Q3 2018*

Job TitlePermanent Salary per annum (£)Contract Rate (£)
Bids / Proposals Specialists
Head of Bids80K - 110K350 - 500 per day
Senior Bid Manager65K - 90K200 - 350 per day
Bid Manager50K - 65K26 - 33 per hour
Senior Bid Executive40K - 50K21 - 26 per hour
Bid Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Bid Assistant25K - 30K13 - 15 per hour
Business Development 
BD Director100K+450+ per day
Head of BD75K - 120K400 - 500 per day
Senior BD Manager70K - 90K320 - 400 per day
BD Manager55K - 70K28 - 36 per hour
Sales Manager50K - 65K26 - 33 per hour
Senior BD Executive / Coordinator38K - 55K19 - 28 per hour
Sales Executive30K - 45K15 - 23 per hour
BD Executive / Coordinator
30K - 40K
15 - 21 per hour
BD Assistant
25K - 30K
13 - 15 per hour
BD Administrator
22K - 25kK
11 - 13 per hour
Client Relationship Management /
Key Account Management
Head of Client Relationships
80K - 120K
380 - 500 per day
Senior Client Relationship Manager70K - 90K320 - 400 per day
Client Relationship Manager50K - 75K26 - 38 per hour
Senior Client Relationship Executive35K - 50K18 - 26 per hour
Client Relationship Executive30K - 40K15 - 21 per hour
Communications (including internal comms and CSR) 
Head of Communications (Global remit)80K - 140K380 - 550 per day
Head of Communications (National or Europe remit)70K - 100K320 - 400 per day
Communications Manager50K - 60K26 - 31 per hour
Senior Communications Executive38K - 45K20 - 23 per hour
Communications Executive
30K - 35K
15 - 18 per hour
Communications Assistant22K - 30K13 - 14 per hour
CRM Database
CRM Database Manager50K - 60K26 - 31 per hour
CRM Database Executive / Steward30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
CRM Database Administrator / Assistant25K - 28K13 - 14 per hour
Senior Design Executive35K - 45K18 - 23 per hour
Design Executive30K - 35K15 - 18 per hour
Design Assistant23K - 28K12 - 14 per hour
Digital / Online / Web
Head of Online / Digital70K - 120K380 - 520 per day
Web Content Manager / Online Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Social Media Executive
30K - 35K
18 - 23 per hour
Web Content Executive
30K - 35K
15 - 18 per hour
Web Content Assistant
25K - 28K
15 - 18 per hour
Head of Events60K - 80K250 - 380 per day
Events Manager45K - 60K23 - 31 per hour
Events Senior Executive30K - 35K18 - 23 per hour
Events Executive23K - 30K15 - 18 per hour
Events Assistant
23K - 30K
12 - 15 per hour
Head of Marketing / Marketing Director90K+400+ per day
Senior Marketing Manager60K - 85K31 - 38 per hour
Marketing Manager40K - 60K21 - 31 per hour
Senior Marketing Executive35K - 40K18 - 21 per hour
Marketing Executive / Coordinator28K - 35K14 - 18 per hour
Marketing Assistant24K - 28K13 - 14 per hour
Marketing Administrator21K - 23K
11 - 13 per hour

Head of PR (Global remit)
80K - 120K
380 - 550 per day
Head of PR (National or Europe remit)
70K - 90K
320 - 450 per day
PR Manager
45K - 70K
26 - 36 per hour
PR Senior Executive
40K - 50K
21 - 26 per hour
PR Executive
28K - 40K
15 - 21 per hour
PR Assistant
21K - 27K
11 - 14 per hour


Notes on salary table:
  1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation 
  2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly
  3. 12-month base salaries are assumed
  4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures
  5. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances