Are you keeping up with the latest Business Support trends?

Are you keeping up with the latest Business Support trends?

Published on 23rd February 2018

A recent survey into over 3000 office support professionals carried out by job board Secs in the City, delivered some extremely interesting results, revealing the latest updates in salary, benefits and trends.  The professional services sector ranked extremely highly with regards to average salaries, benefits on offer and bonus schemes, showing a continued desire from the industry to attract and retain the best talent.


Business Support professionals are a talented bunch

A third of all respondents speak a second language. French tops the charts at 10%, followed closely by Spanish at 8% and German and Italian sharing the third place spot at 4% each.  As firms within professional services continue to grow their international presences, candidates with language skills will remain in high demand.

Salaries in Professional Services are extremely competitive

Average salaries in Professional Services are considerably higher than other sectors, with Consultancy (£37,363), Legal (£33,741) and Property (£32,729) sectors scoring in the top 10 and Accountancy (£29,778) coming in the top 15 highest average salaries paid by sector results.

How many?

As firms continue to review processes and efficiencies when it comes to their business support functions, the survey shows a sharp increase in participants working with multiple managers. Only 27% of all respondents support 1 person, 15% support 2 people, 11% support 3 people and 47% support 4 or more people.

Hard work is rewarded

As well as scoring well in the average salary category, firms within professional services scored highly when it came to offering bonuses to business support employees. 44% of participants in Accountancy, 56% in Consultancy, 46% in Legal and a huge 60% of respondents in Property received bonuses in 2017.

What about benefits

The most popular perks included Private Healthcare (top), travel loans and flexible working. Again, professional services scored highly in terms of benefits offered, with 68% of participants in Consultancy, 56% in Property, 61% in Legal and 59% in Accountancy all happy with the benefits offered to them.

2018 and beyond

With allocations going up and pressure on efficiencies, firms are more aware than ever that a savvy Secretary, a perfect PA or a talented Team Assistant can make a huge impact in their businesses. More and more of our clients are looking at ways of attracting and retaining the best talent within Business Services, making the sector extremely attractive to candidates.

How does your role stack up? For more information or a confidential chat about current opportunities and market insights, please give the Business Support team at Ambition a call!

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