From University to Recruitment

From University to Recruitment

Published on 10th January 2018

I graduated university in the summer of 2017 and joined Ambition 2 months later. Since joining Ambition and starting my career, it has taken some adjustment to go from the lecture hall to the office.

Going from university into the world of recruitment here at Ambition has been a very different yet enjoyable process.

If you are considering a job in recruitment and would like to know the differences between it and university, here a few words of first-hand honest advice:

The Challenges

In the working world, you have to take responsibility for your work and your actions. This isn’t university anymore where you can skip a lecture and nobody says anything to you about it. You now have structure in your life! 

At university, you don’t even know what room your next lecture is in, let alone know what time you’re going to wake up tomorrow. This all changes when you start your recruitment career, your Microsoft Outlook diary becomes your best friend.  

A recruitment career is perfect for someone who enjoys planning in advance and being organised, however, it will take a lot of adjustment if you are used to staying in bed until midday.

Finding the right candidate for a role is not as easy as it seems and going from university to recruitment, I have found that you need to apply an extra layer of judgement when making decisions - which is what will make you an efficient and productive recruiter.

The Wins

Being at university, you revise for hours, only to wait weeks for your exam result to come out. Then you wait a long three years to know what grade you’re graduating with. 

In recruitment, you can see your hard work rewarding you consistently. Getting a thank you email from a candidate can make the biggest difference when you think you aren’t achieving results quickly enough.  Recruitment is extremely rewarding.

When you join a company like Ambition, working with people that want to see you be successful and that believe in you makes the transition from student to recruiter a seamless one. 

It can be a daunting experience to join the world of full-time work however once you join a recruitment agency with a positive organisational culture, you will feel a great deal of confidence in yourself and your career.


Working with Ambition has taught me how to take responsibility for my work and also work in a team with strong professional values. 

All recruitment agencies work differently but having the best interests of the candidate and the client is what makes the process so much more rewarding. 

I have learned a lot about myself and the outside world in the months I have been here and feel that my transition from university to work has been a positive one.

If you are a graduate that is considering a career in recruitment, get in contact with us to find out more.