Uk  Bd&M  Q4

BD, Marketing and Communications Market Insights Q4 2017

Published on 20th October 2017

One the biggest challenges for employers across professional services firms continues to be a lack of available talent. Despite the usual slow-down in activity across the holiday season, we still saw high job numbers and a shortage of candidates and there seems to be no sign of this letting up. Shortages are particularly acute at executive to middle-management level across Business Development & Marketing.   

One of the noticeable side effects of a candidate short market has been the large increase of people receiving multiple offers across multiple firms as well as receiving counter offers from their existing employers as firms fight it out for the best available talent. Whilst this can be desirable for candidates, even more care needs to be taken around selecting the right opportunities for the right reasons.  

Overall we have also seen recruitment processes take longer. Whilst the holiday season will have exacerbated this, firms are still placing more rigour around their hiring to ensure they get people that can deliver on the commercial needs, particularly those that are partner or client facing. Those firms that have been able to move processes quickly and articulate the opportunity and benefits early in a process have typically had greater success at securing talent.

Skills in Demand 

Throughout the last 3 months, we have seen an increase in Communications role in the legal sector. These have been a step away from your traditional PR & Media roles and instead more focussed on internal communications and/or driving thought leadership campaigns. This follows the trend we saw in some of the management consultancies at the beginning of the year. 

In accountancy & advisory firms we are still seeing a drive on hiring sales staff which are client facing and typically commission based. In addition, BD & Marketing roles that are more sector / practice aligned, that are more strategic and work more closely with the partners to help drive revenue and client growth. 

We have also seen an increase in regional opportunities, typically in locations such Birmingham, Bristol & Manchester as firms continue to look at alternative locations to London. This has created further and more senior opportunities for those individuals in the regions but also to those individuals in London that may have previously felt London was the only viable option to establish their professional services BD & Marketing careers. 

Predictions for the Coming Quarter

Early signs suggest a busy end to the year as most firms are still making replacement hires where there has been churn or in a lot of case are still looking to expand certain areas of their marketing, BD and communications functions. We’ve also seen a number of teams go through various degrees of restructure as they look for the right blend of skillsets and personal in teams. Client Relationship Management, Communications and Content roles are all expected to be high on the agenda together with the high volume of opportunities we expect across BD and Bids. 

BD, Marketing & Communications Salaries Q4 2017*

Job Title Permanent Salary per annum (£) Contract Rate (£)
Bids / Proposals Specialists
Head of Bids 80K - 110K 350 - 500 per day
Senior Bid Manager 65K - 90K 200 - 350 per day
Bid Manager 50K - 65K 26 - 33 per hour
Senior Bid Executive 40K - 50K 21 - 26 per hour
Bid Executive 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
Bid Assistant 25K - 30K 13 - 15 per hour
Business Development
BD Director 100K+ 450+ per day
Head of BD 85K - 130K 400 - 500 per day
Senior BD Manager 70K - 90K 320 - 400 per day
BD Manager 55K - 70K 28 - 36 per hour
Senior BD Executive / Coordinator 38K - 55K 19 - 28 per hour
BD Executive / Coordinator 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
BD Assistant 25K - 30K 13 - 15 per hour
BD Administrator 22K - 25kK 11 - 13 per hour
Client Relationship Management
Head of Client Relationships 80K - 120K 380 - 500 per day
Senior Client Relationship Manager 70K - 90K 320 - 400 per day
Client Relationship Manager 50K - 75K 26 - 38 per hour
Senior Client Relationship Executive 35K - 50K 18 - 26 per hour
Client Relationship Executive 30K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
Communications (including internal comms and CSR)
Head of Communications (Global remit) 80K - 140K 550 - 380 per day
Head of Communications (National or Europe remit) 70K - 100K 320 - 400 per day
Communications Manager 50K - 60K 26 - 31 per hour
Senior Communications Executive 38K - 45K 20 - 23 per hour
Communications Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Communications Assistant 22K - 30K 13 - 14 per hour
CRM Database
CRM Database Manager 50K - 60K 26 - 31 per hour
CRM Database Executive / Steward 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
CRM Database Administrator / Assistant 25K - 28K 13 - 14 per hour
Senior Design Executive 35K - 45K 18 - 23 per hour
Design Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Design Assistant 23K - 28K 12 - 14 per hour
Digital / Online / Web
Head of Online / Digital 70K - 120K 380 - 520 per day
Web Content Manager / Online Manager 45K - 60K 23 - 31 per hour
Social Media Executive 30K - 35K 18 - 23 per hour
Web Content Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Web Content Assistant 25K - 28K 15 - 18 per hour
Head of Events 60K - 80K 380 - 250 per day
Events Manager 45K - 60K 23 - 31 per hour
Events Senior Executive 35K - 45K 18 - 23 per hour
Events Executive 30K - 35K 15 - 18 per hour
Events Assistant 23K - 30K 12 - 15 per hour
Head of Marketing / Marketing Director 90K+ 400+ per day
Senior Marketing Manager 60K - 85K 31 - 38 per hour
Marketing Manager 40K - 60K 21 - 31 per hour
Senior Marketing Executive 35K - 40K 18 - 21 per hour
Marketing Executive / Coordinator 28K - 35K 14 - 18 per hour
Marketing Assistant 24K - 28K 13 - 14 per hour
Marketing Administrator 21K - 23K 11 - 13 per hour
Head of PR (Global remit) 80K - 120K 550 - 380 per day
Head of PR (National or Europe remit) 70K - 90K 320 - 450 per day
PR Manager 45K - 70K 26 - 36 per hour
PR Senior Executive 40K - 50K 21 - 26 per hour
PR Executive 28K - 40K 15 - 21 per hour
PR Assistant 21K - 27K 11 - 14 per hour


* Notes on salary table

1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation.
2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly.
3. 12-month base salaries are assumed.
4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures.
5. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances.