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Event Blog | Food For Thought

Published on 8th September 2017

Ambition’s Chairman and co-founder Nick Waterworth was in London last week to host our annual HRD Dinner and Chairman’s Lunch, alongside our UK Managing Director, Nicky Acuna Ocana. With the round table seating Human Resource Directors, Financial Directors, CMOs and Insolvency Practitioners, it presented an opportunity for Nick to discuss the origins of Ambition, as well as discussion around the economic and political factors that are directly influencing the markets in Asia and Australasia.

Market Conditions

The topic of Brexit was raised across both days in respect of whether the UK’s exit negotiations with Brussels has had any impact upon the recruitment market in London. 

Also what impact Brexit would have on global markets across the Asia-Pac and whether the movement of candidates going to and from the UK and Australia was still a common trend since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Nick presented the fact that although there was a clear slowdown in activity across London following the immediate announcement of Brexit, the market has responded to a point in which it is business as usual for many industries, despite the drop in the pound impacting upon import businesses.

It has been reported that there are very large financial service providers relocating their headquarters out of London and into places like Frankfurt but from a recruitment standpoint. London is a highly accessible and affluent city that is still very well positioned to do business globally.

The UK still attracts talent from overseas and Ambition regularly supports candidate movement to the city from Australia.


There was much discussion about how this would affect businesses and various strategies were discussed on how best to deal with this from an HR perspective, particularly around the effects this imminent legislation will have on how employee contracts are structured.  

Across the board, all businesses were busy putting together project teams to implement the necessary changes and tackle the challenges ahead of May 2018.


It was interesting to hear how the professional services sectors are fully embracing working with apprentices and to hear some success stories. There were many different recruitment and screening strategies discussed and it was apparent that there was no ‘one size fits all’ approach to how businesses are attracting, engaging and retaining talented candidates to join their apprenticeship schemes. 

The criteria for entry varied vastly across different sectors but the common theme was that apprenticeship schemes were having a welcome and valuable impact on businesses and helping to develop and shape company cultures for the future.

​Diversity & Inclusion

As always, with a room full of HR professionals, D&I was a hot topic!  It was interesting to hear how firms have continued to develop their strategy around D&I and the positive outcomes this has bought. 

There was discussion around ‘blind CVs’ as part of the recruitment process and also how important it is for recruitment businesses and firms to work closely together to ensure D&I strategies are achieving successful results. 

D&I policies continue to improve and evolve, ensuring a fair and balanced approach to recruitment and retention and a positive and diverse workforce.


Both events were a huge success and it was great to hear such knowledgeable insight into the professional services. Nick, Nicky and the Ambition team would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in such positive and interesting discussions.